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Getting a Haircut


A trip to the salon can improve your looks and add self-confidence. But if you fail to get the result you wanted, you’ll feel miserable. Hair could take a while to grow back after all. Here are tips to help you get the most out of it.


For Women

Talk to your stylist about your lifestyle. Your hair needs to be appropriate for your work or school and the time you’ll spend styling it whenever you go out. Don’t go for hairstyles that need a lot of maintenance if you can’t manage it.

Determine your hair’s texture. If you have curly hair, make sure that the stylist has prior experience with your hair type.

Knowing your face shape will help you decide the right haircut to get. Some stylists can give you advice, so don’t hesitate to ask if you need an opinion but you still have the final say. Pick a style that complements or accentuates your face shape.

By the time you get to the salon, you should already have an idea what haircut to get.

Lastly, ask yourself if you’re ready for a new haircut. Regretting it later won’t make your hair grow faster. Bring a photo of the hairstyle you want. It’s better if you already know the stylist so you’d feel more comfortable talking.


For Men

Don’t be shy to give clear instructions. When you get to the barber, you should have a general idea of the kind of look you want. When deciding consider your lifestyle and hair texture. You can’t wear a mohawk if your company’s dress code doesn’t allow it.

Be specific with how much you want to be trimmed off. Make sure you know how your arches, bangs, neckline, sideburns and the taper will look.


Arches is the space between your ears and hairline. You can have it shaped naturally or high. Some men might want bangs. Tell the barber how you want it to look. The neckline refers to how the hair on your nape will look like. It can be blocked, tapered or rounded. Decide how thin or how long your sideburns will look. Taper or fade is the gradual change of the hair length from the top of your head to the neck. If you don’t want a taper, tell the barber that you want to keep the same length.

Some salons might also ask if you want a shave.


For Children

Some parents give their babies haircut. If this isn’t possible, there are salons with hair stylists specializing in children’s haircut.

Before going to the salon, make sure the child understands what will happen when he/she gets a haircut.

Make the experience comfortable and fun for the child. Let him/her pick the hairstyle. Or give him/her a reward after the trim.

Distract the child if he/she starts fidgeting. He/she should be relaxed and behaved, and not fearful.


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Tips on Hiring Contractors to Do Estate Matters

Contractors also play quite a big role when it comes in property management businesses like that of real estate properties. Getting one can really provide a great help in improving your property and make it look more salable. However, there are things that you might need to look out for to ensure that the contractor you hired is someone whom you can trust.


So, here are the things that you need to take note of when you’re going to hire a managing agent in Singapore:

Be cautious of any suspicious tactics or plans suggested by your contractor. Hiring a contractor that you can trust can become a bit difficult at times especially now that scammers have become rampant. However, there are some signs that you can actually look out for when you’re dealing with a potential contractor. Those signs are as follows:

• The contractor that you’re dealing with gives you credentials that you can’t seem to trust or is quite difficult to verify.
• He only accepts cash as your means of payment and would sometimes require large money deposits from you before they start working on the project.
• Another sign is if he would refuse to get building permits and would ask you to apply for the permits instead.
• Lastly, your chosen contractor can be considered as a scammer if he would give you an offer which you know is too good to be true.


Check and evaluate their projects in the past. One way to check the skills of your contractor when you hire a property management company in Singapore is by asking some pictures or drawings of the construction work that they have done in the past. You can ask them to provide photos of their works that are quite similar to what you’re asking them to do. If possible, visit the area of their completed project and talk with the homeowners involved in the project and ask a series of questions about the contractor and their method in doing the construction project.

Check their paperwork. Make sure that the contractors that you’re going to get to develop your property are insured and licensed. You should also check a sample of the documentation that they did on their last project and see if everything that’s related to the construction work was mentioned in the paper.

Be mindful when it comes to payments and bills. If you’re already planning on purchasing the materials needed for the project, it would be better if you give the payment to the supplier directly. Also, do your payments via check and not by cash. Do the payments every time a phase of their work has been completed and before you give the final payment to them, conduct an inspection on the project first and list the repairs and the remaining work that still needs to be done. After that, produce a written document of all the change orders and as much as possible, avoid doing any verbal contracts with your contractor.

As a managing agent of your property, it is important that you check the quality of work and service that your chosen contractor can offer to you and to your business. Because when you decide to hire people for your property management business, you need to make sure that the people that you get are the best.

Male Contractor in Hard Hat Discussing Plans with Woman in Room.

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Easy, Clever Ways to Make Your Home Look Fresh and New


Shopping and decorating is great fun for some people—the excitement of looking around, bringing new treasures home, and choosing new paint colours and materials. But what happens to these flawless finishes and great finds months or years later? Before giving in to the urge to replace old with new, consider some of these tips to show off what you already have in the best possible light. You never know, you may find yourself falling in love with your home all over again.


  1. Patch Walls

Look at the walls of every room. See any nail holes or unfinished patch jobs? Fill in nail holes with spackle or wood putty, and then spot-paint. Not only is this quick and easy to do, but it helps to brighten everything up.

  1. Replace Old Light Bulbs

Nothing makes a home look creepy and gloomy like burned-out light bulbs. Keep in mind that good lighting makes a huge difference. Replace dead and dim bulbs with the brightest wattage you can find. LED lights come in ‘soft white’ and ‘daylight’ variety, so just pick your choice. Now, doesn’t your space look more appealing?

  1. Clean the Trim Moulding

Because of fingerprints, dust and vacuum scuffs, the windowsills, baseboards and other mouldings are bound to look grimy. Wipe off dirt with damp microfiber cloth to brighten and clean surfaces.


  1. Trim the Plants

Grab your hedge trimmers and trim dead flowers, overgrown shrubs and bushes and other greenery that has grown wild. Weeding wouldn’t hurt as well. You want your yard to look manicured, so be diligent with this. When plants are overgrown, it conveys age.

  1. Brighten Dark-Coloured Furniture

A dark sofa can suck the light—and life—out of a room. The solution: colourful throw pillows. Adding pops of colour with your accent pillows can make a huge impact on any space. If you have a huge, black sofa in your living room, put two pillows on each side—solid-coloured and printed ones.

  1. Replace Old Blinds

With blinds, the cords break, a slat goes missing or they get covered in dust. When your blinds and shades get to that point, it’s time to replace them. Spending S$20 for a new set of blinds can make a huge difference in making your home look fresher and brighter.

Revamping your home and making it look new again doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Simply by being creative and resourceful, you can repurpose old furnishings, repair damages, and improvise decor to make your home look brand new.


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5 Ways to Improve Gut Health


At any given time, there are trillions of bacteria existing in your gut. This culture of microorganisms, known as a microbiome, plays an important role in your digestive system. What’s more, experts suggest that the condition of your gut also impacts your mood and the ability to ward off illnesses.

Though the market is flooded with different kinds of probiotics that claim to boost your microbiome, it turns out that you can actually improve your gut health by adjusting your lifestyle and your diet.


  1. Diversify Your Diet

Most people with gut-related illnesses—or even other diseases like allergies and diabetes—show one thing in common: a lack of variety in their microbial population. Remember that a healthy gut is a diversely-populated gut, and the best way to improve diversity in your microbiome is to eat a wide variety of healthy foods.

  1. Watch Your Dental Health

It might seem strange to mention dental health when talking about gut health, but it’s actually connected. Multiple studies have concluded that harmful bacteria in the mouth often make their way to the gut or even to your bloodstream. Regular brushing and dental check-ups keep those harmful microbes in check—and your gut health in healthy balance.

  1. Eat More Whole Grains

Whole grains, such as barley, oats and quinoa, are rich in dietary fibre that can’t be broken down by the intestines. This means they will reach your colon intact, where they can be taken by the microbes and help boost their population.agefoto_rf_photo_of_assorted_gluten_free_whole_grains-jpg

  1. Add a Bit of Spice

Adding spices in your food does not only make your meal more flavourful, but also curbs the development of harmful types of bacteria in the gut. Spices like turmeric, ginger and garlic contain powerful antibacterial chemicals, which aren’t bad for good bacteria—only to the bad bacteria.

  1. Indulge in Dark Chocolate

Rich in fibre and polyphenols, dark chocolate is a good food to have once in a while to help improve your gut health. Since the said compounds can’t be broken down by the intestines, they can travel deep down to your gut where they serve as food for the microbes. In result, the process releases anti-inflammatory chemicals for your body to use.

For the best gut health, it’s about getting your diet under control. Eat the right food and give yourself enough sleep and rest.


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4 Dating Rules That You Should Ditch


Every time you’re in a relationship, there will be friends and family who will give you a set of dating tips and conventions that you are expected to follow. However, these stereotyped rules aren’t necessarily the secret to a successful and long-lasting relationship. Rather than blindly following these laws, play by your own instinct. We’ve shortlisted some of the most common and outdated concepts of dating that are better off ignoring.


  1. Girls should play hard to get.

Paying attention to the guy who has shown his interest in you doesn’t mean you’re an easy girl. It simply means you are giving yourselves a chance to get to know each other. If you are into this guy but insist on playing hard to get, it could turn him off or give him the impression that you are no t interested in him. Guys might like the thrill of the chase, but if you portray ‘I don’t care’ signals, they may just quit pursuing you and move on.

  1. After the first date, wait for a day before calling him.

Why wait that long to communicate? If you had a great time with someone, go ahead and let him know. If you put it off for too long, you might send the message that you didn’t like the date and that you’re not interested. If you’re afraid of getting turned down, go for a more passive way of communicating, like texting or messaging him on Facebook. This way, you still get to close the deal, while minimizing the ‘ouch’ factor.


  1. The guy should say ‘I Love You’ first.

Many women suppress their true feelings, because they believe that the guy should be the first one to confess his feelings. Just because tradition says that the girl should wait for the guy to propose, it doesn’t mean that the girl can’t do the same thing. If you know you love him, do not wait for him to reach the same conclusion. Be brave to confess your feelings. He is courting you because he likes you, and he’ll be happy to know you feel the same way, too.

  1. Get rid of all evidence of the past.

You both had a life, and perhaps a happy relationship, before you two crossed paths. You most likely have a whole bunch gifts and photos of happy memories with your ex before you decided to go separate ways. Are you supposed to get rid of all those memories and act as if it never existed? As long as you no longer have feelings for your past, there should be no problem with existing photos of your past relationship or keeping gifts from your ex.

Needless to say, these dating rules need to go away. You do not need a set of rules to tell you how you are supposed to treat your present relationship. Love is all about embracing your feelings and the person that completes you.

Seducing beautiful woman looking at her lover with wine glass.

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5 Things Your Teen Should Already Know


As parents, we want to protect them, help them and cultivate them into happy humans. Unfortunately, being overprotective has the opposite effect, leaving our teens dependent and unready for adulthood. If you wish to turn the tables, start training your teenagers by teaching them these simple life skills.


  1. Manage Money

They may still be too young to invest in stocks and bonds, but your teenager should already have his own savings account, knows how to check his balance, and when necessary write a check to cover cost of school trips, sporting equipment or classes your teenager wishes to join. A healthy respect for money at an early age will help your teen in the future.

  1. Cook a Meal

While most days you’re going to prepare their meals, you also want them to be able to whip up something good for themselves. When an emergency happens, say grandma gets sick and you need to look after her, you want your freshman in high school to be able to pack his own lunch and make his dinner when he gets home.

  1. Do His Own Laundry

When teaching kids basic household chores, be patient about it. As much as possible avoid feeling grumpy and make them feel bad about not what to do. If they don’t know how to do it yet, it’s because they were not taught how to do so. Instead of scolding them for doing it wrong, show them and guide them how to do it to make sure they got it right.


  1. Go Grocery Shopping

Has your teen ever noticed those labels hanging from the ceiling or every aisle in the grocery store? If so, then use it to your advantage by letting them go grocery shopping without you. Send them off with a list of five or six things to pick up.

  1. Mind Their Manners

While etiquette standards change, basic courtesy and politeness never gets old. Teach your teenager to take off his hat when in a restaurant. Get him to call his grandparents to thank them for the birthday gift. Make him understand that his behaviour around his friends may not be appropriate at work. Apart from making sure he learns the basic chores, every parent should also make the effort to teach their kids of basic social skills.

The key to a happy life is to sustain two important life skills—willingness to learn new things and unlearn the things that are no longer useful. While teaching life skills to teenagers aren’t easy, but if you, you’ll give justice to your job as a parent.


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Things You Should Know by the Time You Reach Thirty


You do not want for life to pass you. Do not wait for the moment when you tell yourself “wish I had known these”. Life is hard if you spend the rest of your life regretting everything, it will be a lot harder. You will encounter many frustrations that annoy your deep contentment.


As early as now, you have to figure out what you need and make it happen. Singaporeans are busy but it does not mean that you let life pass you. Sometimes overly thinking of the future will keep you from the life that you love. Here are some things that you should know by the time you reach thirty:

  • Do not worry about love: Most of your thoughts are occupied by love. You should know that love will take time. Do not sit around and wait for it because it will just come. Know how to love first and love will surely find you.


  • Career is not exactly what and when you want it: You want a bright career to make your parents proud but sometimes careers will be dark and cold. It is the cycle of life. You should accept that your career is not exactly what and when you want it. It can be small and modest but it can still be meaningful.


  • Do not buy things you cannot afford: Many people are unhappy because of wrong financial decisions like buying a house or car they cannot afford. Sometimes you have to accept your financial situation and make it work. Buy a small house and you will also buy peace of mind.


  • People around you will eventually die: This is somehow the saddest thing that you have to come in terms with. As much as you do not want them to leave, death is part of life. You have to accept that people around you will eventually die and such tragedies should be faced.


  • Treasure friends: If the friendship is worth keeping, no matter the distance, it should be treasured. Yes, you will find new ones but old and worthy friends are a treasure and it should be protected.


  • Look good and feel good: You are too busy to notice what your body needs. Do not wait for other people to notice something. You have to look good and feel good about yourself. This will translate to a healthier mental state. If it makes you happy and beautiful, apply makeup. Simple things can make a difference at the end of the day.

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