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Things You Should Know by the Time You Reach Thirty


You do not want for life to pass you. Do not wait for the moment when you tell yourself “wish I had known these”. Life is hard if you spend the rest of your life regretting everything, it will be a lot harder. You will encounter many frustrations that annoy your deep contentment.


As early as now, you have to figure out what you need and make it happen. Singaporeans are busy but it does not mean that you let life pass you. Sometimes overly thinking of the future will keep you from the life that you love. Here are some things that you should know by the time you reach thirty:

  • Do not worry about love: Most of your thoughts are occupied by love. You should know that love will take time. Do not sit around and wait for it because it will just come. Know how to love first and love will surely find you.


  • Career is not exactly what and when you want it: You want a bright career to make your parents proud but sometimes careers will be dark and cold. It is the cycle of life. You should accept that your career is not exactly what and when you want it. It can be small and modest but it can still be meaningful.


  • Do not buy things you cannot afford: Many people are unhappy because of wrong financial decisions like buying a house or car they cannot afford. Sometimes you have to accept your financial situation and make it work. Buy a small house and you will also buy peace of mind.


  • People around you will eventually die: This is somehow the saddest thing that you have to come in terms with. As much as you do not want them to leave, death is part of life. You have to accept that people around you will eventually die and such tragedies should be faced.


  • Treasure friends: If the friendship is worth keeping, no matter the distance, it should be treasured. Yes, you will find new ones but old and worthy friends are a treasure and it should be protected.


  • Look good and feel good: You are too busy to notice what your body needs. Do not wait for other people to notice something. You have to look good and feel good about yourself. This will translate to a healthier mental state. If it makes you happy and beautiful, apply makeup. Simple things can make a difference at the end of the day.

Peaceful woman relaxing at home with cup of tea or coffee

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On Breaking Up: Who Really Wins?


Relationships are not always rainbows and butterflies. Many Singaporeans are aware of this. In fact, others also believe that there is no such thing as forever love. No matter what you believe in, it is high time that you know who really wins when the couple is breaking up. There are many reasons for breaking up but the most common is infidelity or betrayal.


If you are a woman, you will feel worse especially if you know he is getting busy with Betty or Sarah while you are still in the relationship. Nothing is more painful than being betrayed. Women cope differently. Whether you indulge yourself to Ben & Jerry’s or you throw away his things, you have to know that you are still a winner in that relationship.

You may lose him but at the end of the day, you are the lucky one. As it turned out, science agreed that women who were cheated are the ones who win in the end. Supporting this claim is a study conducted by partners Binghamton University in New York and University College London. The title of the study is ‘Intrasexual Mate Competition and Breakups: Who Really Wins?’.


The study revealed that women who broke up with their partner because of infidelity or unfaithfulness end up the winner in the long run. Why? Women have better experience of adapting to break ups which can help them make better and informed choices in the future. The study included 5,705 respondents. The study concealed that after going through the usual feelings of anger, hatred, betrayal, bargaining, depression and stalking, the woman will emerge a better person at the end of the day.

The led researcher is Dr. Craig Morris and according to him, the woman who lost her mate to another woman will go through the usual stages of acceptance but the experience will give her a higher “mating intelligence”. Her intelligence in choosing a mate will be better which will allow her to notice cues that designate low mate value at the onset.

The losers in this story are really the man and the other woman. So if you find yourself in this situation, it is normal to feel grief at one point in time but remember that you are still a winner. Do not lament for a long time because you are just wasting your time. You will now know better with your “mating intelligence”. You can now spot early warning signs of cheating that way you will deal with heartache better.


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Surgical Oncology: Physically Removing the Cancer

Surgical oncology—a surgery that aims to manage cancerous tumours—remains the primary solution for treating cancer.

Your Singapore oncologist may use this cancer treatment method to achieve a number of goals—from diagnosing and completely eliminating cancer cells to relieving you from the symptoms that the disease causes. Cancer surgery may be the only treatment you need, or it could be performed in conjunction with other treatment methods, such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy, biological therapy, and hormone therapy.


Purpose of Surgical Oncology

Cancer surgery is used to achieve certain goals. Common reasons why your Singapore oncology consultants may suggest for a surgery include:

• Prevention. If you have higher risk of developing cancer, perhaps due to genetics or your kind of lifestyle, your doctor may recommend removing the tissues or organs (e.g. breast, cervix, and colon) that are prone to cancer.

• Diagnosis. For most types of cancer, a biopsy is the only way to be able to make a definite diagnosis. To diagnose cancer, the surgeon from in Singapore will perform either an incisional biopsy or an excisional biopsy. An incisional biopsy entails removal of a piece of the suspicious tissue, while an excisional biopsy removes the entire suspicious area, such as an abnormal mole or lump, for examination

• Staging. A cancer surgery is also performed to determine the size of the tumour and how much it has spread. The surgery for staging often includes removal of lymph nodes—which are tiny, bean-shaped organs that helps the body fight infections—near the cancer cells to see if the disease has spread there. Alongside the biopsy and results of imaging tests, this surgical treatment helps oncologists come up with a cancer treatment programme for your case.

• Removal of Tumour. One of the main reasons why your doctor may recommend a surgery is to remove cancer tumours and the surrounding tissues that has been infected, which is called ‘the margin.’ This may be the only treatment you need, or it may be combined with other treatment methods, which may be performed before or after the surgery.

• Debulking. If complete removal of the cancer tumour isn’t possible, perhaps because it can cause excessive damage to a certain part of the body, surgery is performed to remove as much of the cancer cells as possible. For this purpose, the surgery is often combined with other treatments, such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy, to shrink the remaining cancer cells.

• Relieve Symptoms. To relieve symptoms brought by cancer, a surgery can also be done, which is technically called palliative surgery. This surgery plays a crucial role in improving the quality of life for cancer patients with advanced cases. Palliative surgery can help relieve pain, stop bleeding caused by fragile tumours, insert feeding tube(s) that delivers food and medications into the patient’s body, and prevent brittle bones from breaking.


• Reconstruction of Body Parts. After a primary cancer surgery, a reconstructive surgery can be an option to restore the body’s appearance and/or function. This surgery can be performed right after the surgery for removing the tumour; or it may be done later after the patient has healed from the previous surgery. One example of reconstructive surgery is breast reconstruction after a mastectomy.

Minimally Invasive Surgical Oncology

For the purposes mentioned above, major surgeries are required to get the procedure’s full efficacy. However, there are some situations that don’t require large incisions and extensive surgical processes. Here are some of examples of minimally invasive surgeries for treating cancer.

• Laser Surgery. If any suspicious tissues are detected early, the doctor can remove them by using only a high-intensity light. There’s no need for an incision since cancerous tissues that haven’t fully developed yet are still small enough to be eliminated with laser.

• Cryosurgery. Like laser surgery, any abnormal cells that haven’t yet developed into cancer cells can be removed with minimally invasive procedure, like Cryosurgery. During the treatment, your doctor uses liquid nitrogen to freeze and destroy suspicious tissue and cells.

• Endoscopy. In this procedure, the doctor inserts an endoscope, a thin flexible tube with light and camera on its tip, into an opening of your body (such as the mouth, vagina, or rectum) to get a view of your internal organs. As the procedure goes on, the doctor will get samples of any abnormal tissues inside your body for further examination.

• Microscopically-Controlled Surgery. Your dermatologist shaves off a very thin layer of your skin with skin cancer, one layer at a time, until the layer with cancer is completely eliminated and all cells in your skin’s topmost layer appear normal when viewed from a microscope.

• Laparoscopic Surgery. This modern surgical technique only requires small incisions (usually 0.5 to 1.5 cm) somewhere in the body, where it is closest to the abnormal tissue, using a very thin, lighted tube with a camera.

Surgical oncology, whether invasive or minimally invasive, aims to physically remove the tumour and its surrounding tissues. However, depending on the case, a surgery is often combined with other treatments. To determine the type of surgery suited for you and know whether or not you need more treatment, talk to a certified oncologist Singapore. It is important to work only with the best oncologist in Singapore for dealing with such serious health cases and to ensure you’re getting the best care and treatment plan for your needs.

Dr Larry Lloyd in surgery

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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Korean Wedding Photography

When choosing your wedding photographer, price and quality are the major factors that you should consider. Nonetheless, it’s also important that you understand all the elements that consist a Korean wedding photography package. If you’re done narrowing down your list to a handful of wedding photographers whose services fit your budget, then it’s time that you start comparing their photography packages by putting the following factors into consideration.


1. Price

Although the price of a wedding photography package is a major consideration in choosing a wedding package, you still shouldn’t consider it as the most important factor. As much as possible, allocate 20 percent of your wedding budget for your Korean wedding photography and choose a package that perfectly fits in that amount. Also, make sure that the services and products included in the package will be provided to you. Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event, so make sure that you only choose the best photographer and photography package within budget range.

Just keep in mind though that factors like weather, location, number of guests and distance between locations can change the total cost of your overseas photoshoot. Make sure that you inform your photographer with all these details to determine whether or not these factors can affect the final cost of the package.

2. Services and Products Included

Similar with choosing your bridal studio package, you should also ensure that all the details in your photography package from Singapore’s Whitelink overseas korean pre-wedding photography are clearly stated before deciding on which one to purchase. Keep in mind that most photographers include the photo album, number of photos and enlargements in their package, while some will have you purchase your photographs and album individually.

Moreover, you also get to pick an album that best suits your budget and needs. If your photographer wishes, he or she can keep the original copies of your wedding photos or surrender them to you but for an additional fee. Overall, ensure that you discuss the end product that you want to get from your photographer and ask if it’s included in the Korean wedding photography package that they are offering.

3. Photography Equipment and Style Used

Aside from the products and services included in your package, another important factor to consider is the photography style that your photographer is using. You get to decide to have your photos taken using the traditional, candid or photojournalistic style. The traditional style is often used to capture the mood of the wedding and present it in a romantic way. The candid photography, on the other hand, gives a casual feel to the wedding photos while the photojournalistic approach tells a story out of the event and even focuses on the elements of a wedding (e.g. bridal dresses, rings, wedding gowns etc.).

In addition, your overseas photoshoot package should also include details about the equipment your photographer will be using on your wedding day. Even if you’re not that knowledgeable with wedding photography equipment, it’s always a good idea to have a record of these things since you’ll never know when it’ll be useful for you.


4. Photoshoot Coverage

The overseas photoshoot coverage your prospective photographer is offering is another important factor worth considering when selecting a wedding photography package. A wedding photographer’s service charge varies depending on the number of hours needed for the wedding coverage. This is due to the amount of work needed on the wedding day, particularly the amount of work necessary for the post-processing of photos.

Confirming who will handle all the photography works is also essential. Find out if you will be working with a lead photographer or an associate photographer. Also, check if your package includes more than one photographer. If you’re going to get a photography package from your bridal studio, there’s a chance that you’ll get more than two photographers working on your wedding. Going for a package that has two or more photographers will allow you to get more photos, but if bringing home more photographs isn’t your priority then you should just choose a package that only includes one photographer.

5. Inclusion of Engagement Shoot

Although engagement shoots became quite common these days, some wedding photography packages still don’t include them. Oftentimes, a pre-wedding shoot is included as an add-on in the package so you need to pay for it. So if a Korea pre-wedding shoot is included in your package, use it as an opportunity to capture high quality photographs of you and your partner several months or weeks before your wedding. If an engagement shoot isn’t included in your package, however, you’ll need to spend some extra bucks to book one.

6. Feedback From Previous Clients

While it may not seem like it, knowing about the feedback of your photographer’s previous clients will help you decide as to which package to get and photographer to hire. If possible, ask your photographer for the contact details of his previous clients. Once you have contacted them, inquire about their experience with the photographer, especially the services he’s offering. Scrutinize all the information you managed to gather before making a final decision.

In selecting a wedding photography package, always remember that you shouldn’t decide based on which has the lowest price. Instead, check if each package is able to meet your photography needs in terms of coverage, budget, photography style, deliverables and package add-ons (e.g. Korea pre-wedding shoot). Only then should you decide as to which photography package best fits your needs.


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Things to Know Before Getting an Infertility Treatment

Infertility is a sensitive issue and so are the treatments, tests and evaluation that come along with it. Fortunately, there are qualified specialists who are ready to help you deal with this condition.


Your first visit to a GP clinic for your initial examination may be very uncomfortable or even downright frightening, but with due preparation you will know what to expect at your doctor’s office and have a better experience. Here are the important things to remember to dispel some of your doubts and fears about fertility treatments.

Fertility and High Body Mass Index

Obesity is one of the well-known causes of infertility in both men and women in Singapore. Some of the fertility-related health problems due to obesity include reduced sperm count, erectile dysfunction, ovulation disorder, and increased risk of pregnancy complications especially miscarriage.

The body mass index (BMI) helps identify your risk level of various health problems. A person with a normal weight has a BMI ranging from 18.5 to 24.9. If your BMI is over 30, every additional unit decreases your chance of getting pregnant by several percent. High BMI is also associated with hormone imbalance in both men and women.

Rapid weight loss, on the other hand, is not advisable as it can harm your health rather than improve your chances of conceiving. Your GP clinic should recommend a program consisting of physical activities, dietary modifications, and necessary medications.

Necessary Tests

Infertility diagnosis usually requires several screenings at a private and discreet hiv testing center in Singapore in order to identify the cause of the condition. Your doctor will pick the diagnostic tests to perform according to your medical history and current health and reproductive state.

Tests for Female Partners

• Physical Examination: This is a thorough examination of your reproductive organ often done in a women’s health clinic. During the exam, your healthcare provider will look for signs of hyperprolactinaemia, thyroid gland disorders, uterine anomalies, polycystic ovary syndrome, and other conditions that can affect your fertility. Your healthcare provider will also get your weight and height to calculate your BMI.

• Hormone Balance Blood Test: Your Singapore specialist will perform a blood test to check your hormone levels. There’s a range of hormones that can be tested, but your specialist will identify which beneficial hormones to check. For instance, follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), thyrotropin, and prolactin are all important to identify the cause of anovulation. Gonadotrophins and estrogen show the function of the ovaries, while luteinizing hormone indicates egg supply.

• Infectious Disease Testing: HIV and STDs like gonorrhoea and chlamydia are serious infertility causes, but are preventable. You can get infected with chlamydia without showing any symptoms and it can interfere in your efforts to conceive. In an STD and HIV testing, your doctor will take a sample mucous from your vagina and/or cervix and have it thoroughly examined in a laboratory.


• Hysteroslapingograpy: Your women’s health clinic performs this X-ray test to see the shape of your Fallopian tubes and uterus. This test rules out tubal obstruction and abnormalities in the uterine as the possible cause of infertility.

• Ultrasound: This step can be a part of physical examination or another step after hormone testing. Your doctor will use this test to evaluate the condition of your ovaries and uterus, and predict how your ovaries will respond to the treatments and medications.

• Diagnostic Laparoscopy: This minimally invasive surgery, performed under general anaesthesia, allows your doctor to view your internal reproductive organs. The doctor will insert a small tube, with a small video camera on it, through a small incision in the abdomen. Laparoscopy is performed when physical examination results and medical history suggests pelvic adhesions or endometriosis.

Tests for Male Partners

• Physical Examination: Your men’s health clinic specialist will examine your genitals to eliminate conditions like cryptorchidism (undescended testicles), varicele (swelling of testicles and veins), and anatomical abnormalities from the picture.

• Semen Analysis: A men’s health clinic provides this test to assess sperm mobility, sperm count, and its quality. An abstinence from any sexual activity for two to seven days is recommended prior to collection of semen sample.

• Hormone Balance Blood Test: Like women, men also have to undergo this type of blood test in a men’s health clinic. If your physical examination results and medical history shows signs of endocrine disorder, you will have to go through this test. Your testosterone and FSH levels will be checked in case of low sperm count. For signs of hyperprolactinaemia, prolactin levels will be measured.

• STD Screening: As mentioned, STDs pose a serious threat to the health, especially to men’s fertility. In an STD screening, the doctor will take a swab from the opening of the penis and send it to a laboratory for analysis.

• Genetic Testing: The doctor usually suggests this test if he notices features that suggest genetic cause of the infertility case. This test is also recommended if semen analysis results to severe oligospermia (low sperm count) or azoospermia (zero sperm count).

Unexplained Infertility

It is possible that, even after the test results say you and your partner are physically normal, you’re still unable to achieve pregnancy. Unfortunately, in these cases, the exact result of infertility is unidentified. It could be disappointing to hear this result after all the work you have put into trying to conceive. However, this does not mean that there is no cure for your case. There are so many treatment options available including vitro fertilization (IVF), combination of intrauterine insemination (IUI) and ovarian stimulation, and other therapy combinations with assisted reproductive treatments and technologies.

When it comes to getting a fertility treatment, you need to work with a qualified Singapore healthcare professional with whom you feel comfortable and who has the expertise to create a treatment program that suites your needs. Working together as a team—you, your partner, and your doctor—it’s possible to create a family that you have always dreamed of for yourself.


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Imagining the Ghostbusters in Singapore


If you watched the latest Ghostbusters movie starring Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones and Chris Hemsworth, you will be entertained. Of course nothing beats the classic but the latest movie brought a new twist of comedy. The movie will definitely encourage the paranormal enthusiast in you using science to battle ghost invasion.


One thing you will learn from Ghostbusters – continue your dream even if others do not believe. You only need one friend to believe in you. If you think the Ghostbusters franchise would flourish here in Singapore, you should continue by all means. Do not let other people stop you. The good news is that Singapore is the best place to establish a new company.

If it is a product, you will have a hard time selling it unless you come up with a very unique one. Services will thrive and that includes ghost-busting services. For paranormal enthusiasts, this will sound a good prospect. Just never mind the haters.

Here’s why Ghostbusters might actually have a good time here:

There is a ghost everywhere

Ask everyone and you will know that they have their own encounter with the paranormal. Ghosts are everywhere and everyone has seen or heard it before. Even when peeing on trees, you are always reminded that things live inside. How about the toilet? Some taxi drivers would attest white ladies hailing cabs.


High technology equipment will win funding

Since most people here believe that supernatural exists, crowd funding for that laser beam and other high technology equipment used to catch or trap a ghost is a possibility. Remember that Ghostbusters are scientists. No one will make fun with scientists provided you prove it. If you believe that you can help the society trap a malevolent spirit, you should pursue it.

They will fit in this diverse society

Ghostbuster casts are multicultural as well. There are different beliefs in this diverse society and all you can do it respect. If you respect and believe their beliefs, any business will thrive here. Nobody will bat an eyelid if you just want to help. No problems with adaptation here.

Of course there will be non-believers. You just need to plough your way through them if you want your business to flourish. If you mind these people, you will surely fail and what will happen to protecting people from malevolent ones? Ghost busting services may be a good prospect these days but it will take time for the society to fully accept it as a service or a business. Until then, keep pushing on.


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How to Defeat Hangover


You are often reminded by your mother, girl friend or maybe the bottle to drink moderately. Despite the reminder, you still manage to get wasted and regret the day after vowing not to drink again. This cycle never ends. If you want to change this, you should find in yourself the will to stop or at least limit it.


Hangovers are made so you will realize what drinking can do to your body. There are however ways to defeat hangover but you have to remember that it will only deal with one or two symptoms – it cannot totally get rid of the whole thing. According to a researcher of Utrecht University, Joris Verster, the problem with hangover is that not all people understand how it works.

Hangover is common here in Singapore especially after a night out. The good thing is that there are things that you can do to help the body cope with hangover. Here are some tips on defeating hangover:

Eat a big fried breakfast

Englishmen deal with hangover by eating a big fried breakfast. That is not a bad start. Actually research showed that eating heavy in the morning may help but not totally get rid of all the symptoms. According to Keele University’s Richard Stephens, hangover has something to do with not having enough blood sugar as well as glucose metabolism.


Fried breakfast composed of eggs, baked beans and sausages actually have lots of carbohydrates which can help defeat hangover because it can restore the already depleted sugar levels.

Drink water

You believe that water can help with the hangover but Dutch research said it can only give relief to your dry mouth and it will help against thirst. It will not magically make things better. The headache and nausea will still be there even if you drink 10 pints of water every day.

Take headache pills

Many just reach headache pills after waking up in the morning. While it can help, it won’t magically get rid of everything. Hangover is actually an immunosuppression response because of the inflammation. The headache pills contain anti-inflammatory elements that can reduce hangover.

Go to bed early

Hangover is intensified in the morning because you didn’t get enough sleep last night. If you want to suffer less in the morning, it is always recommended that you end the session as soon as you can and go to sleep. If you drink at the expense of sleep, it’ll surely get worse.

Avoid dark spirits

Many people think that hangover is caused purely of how much you drink you had the night before. The truth is, the drinks you chose can make a difference. Dark spirits like brandy and whisky contain congeners, a chemical that can make you feel worst.


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