Stage fright can affect any singer, professional or non-professional. Even big names like Adele, Rihanna, and Madonna have all admitted to experience pre-performance anxiety at some point in their career. However, as the showbiz saying goes “The Show Must Go On”, professional Singapore performers have mastered the techniques to help alleviate the agitation before a major stage performance. Here are some effective ways to overcome stage fright.

1. Avoid Caffeine

Perhaps, you feel like you need a buzz to get you pumped up for a performance. However, caffeinated beverages will cause you to palpitate and make you feel more anxious and agitate. Other than caffeine, salty and sugary foods must also be avoided prior a singing performance.

2. Perform Breathing Exercises

Before going on stage, do breathing exercises. One good breathing technique to do is the Sama Vritti or Equal Breathing. Do so by slowly breathing in for four seconds and out for another for seconds all through the nose. Every inhale and exhale, try to relax and take control of your breathing. The vocal cord training at Millet teaches the practice of focusing on your breathing not only relaxes you, but counting helps take your mind off the anxiety of facing the crowd.

3. Find a Friendly Face

Either have a friend or find a friendly face in the audience. Focus on singing for them as if they are the only person in the room. However, don’t stare only on them, as that would be awkward for the entire audience. Be discreet, look around every once in a while, but have this friendly face to come back to whenever you feel nervous again.

4. Come Prepared

You’re less likely to feel nervous if you come prepared. Rehearse as much as you can and practice singing in front of others if you have the opportunity. However, also bear in mind that mistakes happen. Audience are a lot more forgiving than you think, so just show the people what you’ve got and do your best.

5. Know What Experts Do

Your vocal training Singapore can share some knowledge on how they cope up with stage fright before every performance. Ask about their techniques and exercises to ease anxiety before going on stage. Your trainer will surely be glad to impart some of his/her proven-and-tested techniques to you.

6. Be Positive

One great way to get over pre-performance anxiety is to stay positive. Remind yourself how prepared you are and, thus, you’ll surely do a great job. Project yourself confidently, and the audience will believe in you—and so are you to yourself.

7. Take Care of Yourself

Before the big performance, it’s easy to forget about taking good care of yourself as you spend most of your time training and perfecting your song. You’ll look and feel your best if you eat healthily and have enough rest before your performance. Exercise can help you feel good as well, along with proper nutrition and enough sleep, to keep those stress hormones under control.

8. Practice Proper Singing Technique

One of the benefits of enrolling to a vocal training Singapore is that you will be taught how to sing under pressure. Proper technique is the key to create a clear and smooth voice when feeling nervous. Regular singing lessons, proper breath training and support will all help to feel and sound confident as you sing in front of the crowd—no matter how nervous you’re feeling.

Feeling nervous and agitated before a major performance is normal, but it’s up to you how to deal with it. Master these eight ways to fight pre-performance fright, and you’ll surely feel more relaxed and be able to do your best on-stage.

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