In Singapore, Skydiving is illegal and this is because of the airspace limitation in the country. There are a lot of good Skydivers in Singapore who indulge in this kind of sport; however, they do not have a place to enjoy their hobby or perhaps their most loved sport or desire. Aside that Skydiving is fun; Skydiving also motivates anyone to get off with their fears especially acrophobia (fear of heights). While skydiving is banned in Singapore, Singaporean skydivers find ways on how they are going to execute the sport in the country.


1. iFly Singapore. For people who wants to experience flying and at same time skydiving, iFly Singapore is the one for you. Located in Sentosa Island Resort, iFly Singapore is a large perpendicular wind tunnel that is enough for more than 15 persons to fly and replicate skydiving for Skydiving aficionados.


2. SkyDive Singapore. This is a professional group of Skydivers that are based in Singapore. They provide education and training for those people who want to learn to skydive. Apart from making skydiving famous in the country, they also teach skydiving in Singapore. Also, they educate students in the neighboring countries such as Malaysia and Thailand.

3. Skydiving Gears and Jumpsuits. Since skydiving is unlawful in Singapore, skydiving enthusiasts in Singapore can only purchase Skydiving apparatus. However, Singapore does have an authorized seller for skydiving suits and equipment which includes crated suits, comp suits, free fly suits and pants and with the opportunity to select whether you put a camera on it or not.



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