Self-defense, especially for women is an important consideration to her survival against attacks and emergencies on a daily basis. Lucky are those who are trained to defend themselves using their skills as martial artists or fighters, but those who are on the average, tools can be of big help. Of course, you are allowed to carry specific tools depending on your country. For some countries like SG and TH, pepper spray and knives are not allowed and that a license to carry may be required. While the types of tools are completely of a personal choice, they give you better chances of seeking help and finding a way to escape by making them a part of your fashion!

1. OC Spray

OC (oleoresin capsicum) spray or known as Pepper spray is a common self-protection tool used by women. A spray of this defense tool contains a potent mixture of chemicals that can harm anyone. Best are the ones with tear gas component as it can heighten the effects. Gas initially irritates the sensitive membrane of eyes, mouth and nose, in turn, tearing of the eyes, difficulty in breathing and coughing can occur. Those types with UV dye mix are also great because it leaves a stain or mark to the perpetrator’s skin thus, it can make them an identifiable assailant.

Keep your pepper spray in your pocket or in an accessible area inside your bag where you can easily grab it when threat is detected. Presence of mind is a big help in saving your own life, you do not want to end up panicking and spraying the tool right before you. When you are ready to fire, see to it that the threat is in range and that you can hit him in the facial region, aim to blow his eyes with 1-2 bursts of spray. Bling accessory design of this kind is out in the market.

2. Alarm Wrist or Whistle

These alarm tools are purposely made to be hands free. A defense alarm can be designed as a wrist watch where you can defuse a threatening situation by pressing a push button that demands a sounding attention of at least 130 decibels. This is so much louder than relying on your voice for help. Good news is, attackers can’t just simply grab it and turn it off because it has normally a hidden disarm button at the back to silence it.

On the other hand, alarm whistles are commonly designed as necklaces that can be hidden under your shirt or can be concealed as a Titanium fashion accessory. Anytime you are in a dangerous situation, it’s just one whistle away!

3. Knuckle Lights

This tool is recommended for women who are active on the streets before the sun is up and when it’s down. It is designed to light your run or walk, in short, it creates a trail illumination. Added feature is the brass knuckles that are powerfully painful for someone thrown a punch. It also contains a lumen of brightness which can blind the attacker temporarily. Just remember to keep this device fully charged when before using.

4. Metal Claw

If you got long sharp nails, it might help you hurt your attacker but not as great as having a heavy duty plastic with sharp protruding edge weapon on your finger. This is where the natural self-defense act of scratching comes in that inspired Metal Claw. You can wear this in any of your fingers without the need to be retrieved from your stuff. Use your hands to fight an attack and scratch yourself a fighting chance. Metal claws are sold in various colors to choose from making it look like a finger accessory at a glance.

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