We subscribe to a telecommunications company to ensure an undisrupted service. We pay for that service but unfortunately, these companies are not perfect. The truth is that early on February 05, 2014, SingTel subscribers endured intermittent troubles which was due to a server anomaly. The services were restored after twenty minutes though.


The SingTel problem was not the beginning. On February 04, 2014, reports said that M1 subscribers also endured disruptions. Subscribers cannot send/receive text messages. As if it was not enough, subscribers cannot make calls and even surf the internet in the morning.

The disruptions were recognized by the Minister of Communications and Information. On February 5, 2014, Minister Yaacob Ibrahim issued a statement that telecommunications companies should improve how they assist and update their customers should there be disruptions.


Singaporeans are expecting better service from telecommunications companies. Twenty minutes of service disruption can paralyze the whole country. Transactions will be put on hold and many things will be incomplete. To compensate the flaws of M1, the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) Ms Karen Kooi sent an apology through text. In the text message, she said that they will deal with the disruption services seriously.

She also said that the company is doing its best to further improve the network. In fact, she told the subscribers that they can enjoy free text messages, MMS and mobile calls on February 9, 2014. Subscribers gave feedbacks saying that M1 could do so much better in terms of giving updates; communicating to subscribers about the restored or resumed service should be thought about. The Minster assures the public that IDA (Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore) will look into the disruption to ensure that their network run flawlessly.



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