Over the years, different flowers were attached myriad symbolisms and romantic associations making them sought-after during events such as Weddings and Valentine’s Day celebration. Accordingly, there are specific flowers which are generally considered to be important part of a bride’s wedding bouquet because it plays around the theme of love. Common bridal blooms include flowers, daisies, and carnations.

Some flowers, however, have been attached with different meanings over time. Regardless of personal interpretation, here are some important flowers which carry symbolic romantic meaning.

Peony – Peonies symbolize a happy marriage and virility especially in Asian countries such as Japan. These blooms are also generally fragrant flowers. Peonies range in colors from white, yellow, to purple red.

Safflower – Safflower is one bloom that symbolize marriage itself. They also symbolize the “welcoming” of a new life for the two newly-wed couple. Safflower plant grows globular flower heads of orange, yellow, and red colors.

Forget-me-not – Blue forget-me-not flowers are what’s more familiar to a lot of people. They add a sweet touch of blue color to any floral arrangement. Aside from that, these blooms are widely believed to symbolize true love.

Pink carnation – Carnations are among the widely recognized flowers common in bouquets. It is easily identified thanks to its size and ruffled appearance. Pink carnations, in particular, represent a woman’s love.

Purple lilac – Lilacs are known to have a dainty appearance. These flowers are also fragrant and usually comes in a shade of purple. In the language of flowers, they famously symbolize one’s first love.

Red tulip – A tulip’s petal edges are often scalloped. This gives them a deeply textured appearance. The gift of a red tulip can be easily translated to a declaration of love. The black center on the flower is commonly known to represent a heart which is burned by passion.

Rose – Roses are generally associated with a romantic interpretation. The blooms represent love in all of its forms. Red roses, in particular, are said to represent passion and are considerably sacred to Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty.

Larkspur – Larkspur are tall flowers which come in varying colors of blue, purple, white, and red. Their silky, blue-violet flowers represent one’s ardent attachment to the beloved.

Syrian mallow – This is another bloom which symbolizes one’s burning passion. Its showy flowers range from the shades of mauve, violet, purple, and blue. Sometimes, two colors may combine together in a single flower bud. Syrian mallow equates to one being consumed by love.

Baby’s breath – Commonly used in general flower arrangements as fillers, Baby’s breath symbolizes everlasting love and fidelity. This iconic bloom has a number of tiny, cloud-like white and light purple buds covering its branches.

Lavender – Lavender is another flower which is associated with one’s fidelity. This flowering plant is composed of multiple, little purple flower buds on tall and narrow stems. A gift of lavender can be associated with loyalty and utmost devotion.

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