The CNB (Central Narcotics Bureau) on December 20, 2013 apprehended two men ages 25 and 52 because of their possession of 900 grams of heroin and other drug-related paraphernalia. CNB estimated that the heroin was worth S$94000. The two drug traffickers were arrested at Bukit Panjang. If they are convicted, they should expect death penalty or life imprisonment. Either way, they will surely regret the day they got involved in drugs.


The government is serious about battling drug traffickers and drug addictions. Drug is an infection that can kill the society. It should be eliminated to protect the well being of all. There are many illegal substances but if in this case you are interested in heroin, you should know its long term effects so you can stop as early as now. Here are the long term effects of heroin:

  • Addiction

Heroin can bring you to addiction. Addiction is a chronic disease. That means it is long lasting and it is always present unless you try to change it. Experts refer to addiction as a psychological or physiological dependence. Once you are addicted, you live to seek and use drugs only. Drugs can really change your behaviour and the way you think. That is not healthy. It can influence all your relationships.

  • Physical dependence

Apart from psychological or physiological dependence, drugs can also cause physical dependence. Physical dependence will develop when you increase your drug dose. When you speak of physical dependence, it means if there is no drug, you think that your functions are haltered. You do not feel complete. As time goes by, the body will adapt to the presence of drugs.


  • Withdrawal symptoms

The addiction and physical dependence are a deadly combination. It is important that you gradually reduce your intake if you want a fresh start. But if you try to reduce it, you will suffer withdrawal symptoms. Your body will look for that high dose and it will be hard to endure. Withdrawal symptoms include muscle pain, bone pain, restlessness, anxiety, stress, depression, vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, insomnia and many more. The symptom will vary depending on the person.

There is a reason why heroin is not legally accepted here in Singapore. You should respect that and never think about trying it for a moment. If you are surrounded with people who are using, you should seriously think about leaving that group. If you are in that dark abyss, you should do your best to stop. Ask for help and join groups if you must but never let drugs direct your life.


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