If you do a lot of grocery shopping or come home from shopping trips with plenty of bags, you might be struggling to find a use for them rather than simply throwing them away.

The good news is that there are many ways you can utilize the plastic bags lying around in your home, and when you use them well, you don’t have to keep buying them for different purposes. Here are a few things that you should be doing with your extra plastic bags right now:

Use them for your bathroom

Lining the trash cans in your bathroom and bedroom with plastic bags makes sure all your waste is in one place. Instead of getting special liners, using spare plastic bags from your grocery shopping is much cheaper. If your trash cans are rather small, you’ll also find yourself going through your spare plastic bags rather quickly, which means you will always be getting more out of your grocery shopping every time.

Save them for packing material

Single-use plastic bags can actually be reused in many ways.

Plastic bags are perfect as packing material for cushioning all kinds of fragile items, from everyday kitchenware to decorative vases to electronics and appliances that you might need for your work. One advantage plastic bags have is that aside from placing things inside of them, you can also stuff them inside larger containers to keep things from jostling in place too much.

Sealing paint cans

When you’re done painting for the day, you can make your paint last longer by placing the plastic bag first before the lid. Doing this will prevent any accumulated dry paint from chipping off the lid and falling into the can, which can affect the wet paint.

Keeping your fridge clean


The easiest way to keep your refrigerator clean when storing food in plastic containers is by wrapping them with a plastic bag before placing them inside. This works especially well when thawing meat in the fridge, since not only does it keep the fridge free from bacteria, but it also keeps any stains to a minimum.

You can also do the same for milk jugs or cartons, as well as for beverages and containers that tend to sweat. By covering them with plastic bags, you no longer have to clean up any rings formed by the falling droplets.

Ripen fruit faster

Place unripe fruit into a bag and seal it, but be sure to leave a little room for ventilation. Doing this traps the ethylene in the fruit, which will help it ripen much faster than it would uncovered. Adding a banana or a papaya in the bag also helps to speed up the process.

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