When we say “No!” to other people’s requests, we need to identify and understand our own reasons of declining. Although we may have our own whys and wherefores, here are four common reasons that explain why we need or want to say “No!”

  1. You need to set your priorities

Sometimes you just really need to prioritize your interests and value your decision-making. You don’t need other people to dictate on what you should highlight and give attention to in your life. Think of the other more important things that you could do if you say “No!” to other people’s request that’s just petty and sometimes irrelevant. Again, conduct a thorough assessment for you to be able to know which ones deserve your “Yes!”.

  1. You must establish boundaries

When it comes to declining a request, you need to establish your boundaries and set things straight. You have to be clear that you have limitations. This is important since they will know what you will and will not do for them. You must also establish your relationship with them for you to be able to know how much restrictions you will set towards them. You might find it comforting to let your walls up sometimes in order to protect yourself and your energy will not be drained in granting requests.

  1. For better time management

In turning down requests, you will be entailed into allocating your time and efforts. Saying “No!” can help you manage your time more and evaluate which activities and events are more meaningful and useful to you. If you’ve accepted too much projects or demands from others, you might also get to hone your time management skills but of course you wouldn’t want to be in that situation all the time, right? Learn to say “No!” so that you will be able to give more time for the things that you want rather than fulfilling others’ needs all the time. Proper time management can contribute to a better life management which helps you set your goals and time frame.

  1. Less stress and pressure

It’s always simpler and easier to say “No!” all the time since  you don’t need to deliver “the best”  efforts to all the tasks that you’ve agreed to complete. You’ll not get tired, burned out or overwhelmed by such requests from other peeps. Thus, this will protect you from stress and pressure. You don’t really need to strain yourself for others. It’s okay to be selfish sometimes and think of yourself. You deserve to relax and take a break from all the demands of your work or other people.

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