Singapore is a tropical country and we cannot do something about the heat. While the weather is a natural phenomenon, it is definitely taking its toll on everyone here in Singapore. As time goes by, we realize that temperatures are dangerously rising to almost unbearable levels.


With this, we are in danger of drowning in our own sweat. The worse threats are sweaty underarms and body odor – which is not pleasant at all. If in this case we are worried about our sweaty pits, we can implore the help of a good deodorant but for some, its use can lead to skin irritation.

Skin irritation is inevitable and it is crucial that we identify the root cause of skin irritation aside from heat. Here are the common causes of skin irritation:

  • Shaving: If we are in the habit of shaving our underarms, we have to expect traces of razor burns which are characterized by redness and raised bumps. The razor can push the hair follicle in the wrong direction.


  • Contact dermatitis: The most common cause of skin irritation is caused by an allergic reaction to a particular chemical or compound found in underarm products. To avoid this, we have to avoid products containing ingredients that can trigger allergies.
  • Improper hygiene: When we are bathing, we forget to wash our underarm. We have to remember that the underarm area should be kept clean because of the accumulated dirt and sweat. Our underarms can harbour bacteria that can eventually cause irritation at the end of the day.

Now that we know what triggers skin irritation, we have to be wary of these things.


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