Your parents often say that you should save money and not just splurge it on travel. You find ways to justify your actions but they always find something to discourage you. Indeed travelling is not practical but the experience is more than monetary. The value of travelling is priceless.


Now, you can justify your actions. Your parents and those who somehow scorn travelling should know that there are health benefits of travelling. There was a study conducted by the U.S Travel Association in collaboration with the Global Commission on Aging and Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies.

The research revealed that travel has cognitive and physical benefits. The research found out that there is a relation between travelling and the reduction of heart attacks. It does not end there because travelling can also decrease depressions and it can stimulate brain health that can fend off dementia and other age-related conditions and diseases. IMG_9316

Similarly, there is a study conducted by the LA Times last December 2013. The study revealed the following things:

  • Women who travelled twice a year have lower risks of developing heart attack or other coronary diseases compared to women who only travel once every six years.
  • As for men, those who do not indulge in annual vacations have twenty percent risk of death and thirty percent of these deaths are from a heart disease.
  • The emotional benefit of travelling is instant because after two days of the travel, eighty nine percent of the respondents confessed of dropping stress levels.

You should not wait for your retirement to travel because it will be too late. You can no longer trek, climb or even ride bicycles. You have to travel as young as you are.



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