Mobile VoIP Services

Mobile devices govern today’s world of communication. Without it, most people would have the hardest time communicating and business owners would find it impossible to connect with their employees from remote places. Because of the usefulness of mobile devices, VoIP Singapore companies find ways to let consumers make free or cheaper calls using their mobile phones, anytime, anywhere. A few VoIP Singapore providers have already pioneered and made a promising start in the industry of mobile VoIP.


Traditional mobile communication works because of GSM networks, while voice over IP works with IP networks like 3G, Wi-Fi, EDGE, and GPRS. Due to very limited network sources, Voice over IP telephony is less preferred by consumers. If you want to make free calls through your mobile device, you’ll need to first find a way to connect to the Internet. For mobile phones, data plan is required if there’s no access to free wireless internet connection. However, there’s a way to still make free calls with a VoIP service through GSM networks, though the GSM network will still need to charge you for the data plan.


For mobile voice over IP, make sure that the phone system singapore software you choose is compatible with your mobile device. Then, download and install Softphone application, which is available in the Internet, and use it to make and take calls to and from people with the same service. Other Singapore providers have successfully integrated voice over IP over GSM, and embedded IP functionalities into SIM cards.



Free calls are possible through VoIP service on mobile devices, but through a wireless internet connection and as long as the people you call are using the same service. However, you might be charged with a certain fee if you’re using a data plan. For absolutely free calls, connect your mobile device to a WiFi network.


Anyone can use mobile VoIP service, provided that they have an Internet connection and a device capable of connecting to it. Mobile voice over IP is a great solution to cut down expensive cost of communication and conveniently call anyone from any place you may be. It is more beneficial for heavy mobile users and business people who tend to travel and work on the road more often.

Pros and Cons

Since mobile VoIP allows you to bring the service anywhere with you, the obvious pros are: free or cheap mobile communication cost, portability, availability of service worldwide, and other useful features.
On the other hand, mobile voice over IP also has its downside. Some of its recognizable disadvantages are the need for wireless network or data plan to be able to connect to the Internet, the compatibility of mobile VoIP services is not available for all mobile models, and the quality of voice calls are not always at its best due to some network barriers.


Though the technology of mobile voice over IP isn’t yet fully developed, the key to finding the best services is to look for a reliable Singapore voice over IP provider that specializes in the internet telephony service you wish to deploy.

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