As the day progresses, it is natural that our makeup goes disarray especially if our work is very demanding. If we are a true believer of the phrase “grace under pressure”, we always make sure that we still look good no matter the demand.


Our solution is to bring our makeup kit no matter where we go and whatever the situation. However, if we value our shoulders too much, we should do away with unnecessary things and only bring retouch requirements.

Here are the retouch requirements every Singaporean should know:

  • For fading: Among makeups, powder and lipstick have the shortest wear. Even if we are only sitting, the lip’s natural tendencies to moisten will fade our lipstick. This is also the same with the powder. If this is our main concern, we can just carry our favourite lipstick and powder all the time. It cannot hurt us – they are light after all.


  • Clumping: There are times that our eyelash clumps. The only solution is to bring eyelash comb. The comb can help us disperse and rake out the clumped product from our strands.
  • Bleeding: A bleeding lip is rare but it happens. When this happens, we should be prepared. We should always bring a cotton swab. We can dab cotton swab with a bit of concealer and gently apply around the lips. The concealer can define the contours of our lip and it can avoid further bleeding.

Now we know some retouch requirements, it is time that we apply it. Knowing these retouch requirements and learning how to apply it are different matters. We need to know how to apply it so we can achieve the look that we desire.


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