Every year, thousands of graduates flood the industry to look for a job. Here in Singapore, fresh graduates will see small rise in their starting salary. This is good news for graduates this year. This is revealed by Hay Group, a management firm, on August 26, 2014.

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Hay Group recently concluded its annual pay survey. The group presented the average monthly starting salaries for fresh graduates. Here are the starting salaries for fresh graduates:

  • Second upper honours: For fresh graduates who garnered second upper honours, they should expect S$2,939 per month. This is 1.6% higher compared in 2013.
  • Second lower honours: For fresh graduates who garnered second lower honours, they should expect S$2,852 per month. This is 2% higher compared in 2013.
  • Without honours: For fresh graduates without honours, they can expect S$2,741 per month. This is 2% higher compared in 2013.


You should know that the top-paying sector is in the field of engineering. Engineering offers regular pay of S$2,888 per month. Engineering is followed by Legal (with S$2,856), Information Technology (with S$2,816), Project Management (with S$2,813), Production (with S$2,767), Finance and Accounting (with S$2,765), Corporate Affairs (with S$2,755), Property Management (with S$2,750), Research and Development (with S$2,738), Quality Assurance (with S$2,708), Logistics/Supply Chain (with S$2,703), Health and Environment (with S$2,694), Human Resources (with S$2,689), Marketing (with S$2,685), Administration/Support/Service (with S$2,685), Product Development (with S$2,677), Sales (with S$2,658), Customer Service (with S$2,637), Management Trainee (with S$2,605) and Call Centre (with S$2,602).

Additionally, according to the survey conducted by Hay Group, 1 out of 5 employers put a monthly premium (of S$214) for university graduates. This will surely inspire the fresh graduates.


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