Kids love summer break because this is the perfect time that they can finally enjoy life without thinking of assignments and exams. Parents on the other hand are left with a dilemma. What are the best and safest summer activities for the kids? This is not a problem because our kids can engage to a lot of activities. The important thing is we have to support our kids and if we have spare time, we can join them.

These activities are safe and it can greatly affect our kid’s overall growth and development:


Outdoor activities

If we can get a vacation from work, we can bring our kids to different places-domestic or international. This is simply to show our kids that the world is a big place and there are many beautiful things to see. They will surely appreciate it. Trips or travelling is expensive but it is not like every month we go to different places.

Aside from travelling, there are many outdoor activities that our kids can do. We can suggest camping, biking, swimming and trekking. Since they are just kids, let us discourage extreme outdoor activities like mountain or rock climbing, sky diving, driving, sailing and many others.

If our kids want a simple outdoor activity, we can suggest picnics and backyard party.

Indoor activities

If our kids prefer going to summer workshops, we should enrol them at once. There are a lot of courses offered for them- music, dance, cooking, pottery, painting, etc. It will surely enhance their creativity and imagination. This is utilizing their time well plus increasing their potential.

If they simply want to hang inside the house, there are many activities that we can promote to avoid boredom. We can watch movies together, cook for them, play with them, read with them, etc.

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