Riot is unusual here in Singapore but on the night of December 8, 2013, a riot broke out at Little India. The peacefulness and the security were threatened for a moment but the police quickly contained the aggression before many people get hurt. Investigations are ongoing but as of December 20, 2013, about fifty three workers who joined the riot were repatriated. These people can kiss their Singapore dream goodbye because they are no longer welcome here. 


The riot was purely unexpected but the crisis was dealt finely. The government is assuring the public that it will not happen again. Meanwhile, alcohols are closely monitored by the government in Little India. You can rest peacefully now knowing that precautions are taken but you should know what to do if it will burst out again. If your family is in a crowd of rioters, you should know what to do so you can survive it together. Here are some survival tips that you can consider:


  • Think of the exit plan: If you bring your family in a public gathering, you should think of the exit plan. Do this as a precaution so when riot burst out, you can proceed with the exit plan. Do not wait for the riot to commence before thinking of the exit plan.
  • Pay attention: You have to be aware of your environment whenever you are out especially if you have the family with you. You need to pay attention to the norm and the things around you. You should listen to that uneasy feeling because it might save you and your family.
  • Train the family: You have to train your family how to react or respond if riots should happen. You should teach your family members to identify and recognize a riot. You have to brief the whole family of the things to do so they can survive it all.
  • Set up meeting places: You should also discuss about your meeting place. In the event of the separation of other family members, they can still find their way to you because you discussed about the meeting place. Just make sure they know where that place is.

If despite your best efforts you are still caught in the mob, you need another set of plan so you can survive it. You can go with the flow but never join the aggression or violence. It would be safer if you put your back to a wall. Looking for a wall will benefit you because it will keep you away from the mob and it will decrease your vulnerabilities and injuries.


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