When we travel outside Singapore, we make sure that that specific place is safe and peaceful. The survey of The Institute of Economics and Peace helped us in determining the most peaceful and safest country for travel.


The Institute of Economics and Peace recently released their Global Peace Index. The Index featured one hundred sixty two countries around the world that portrays peacefulness and safety. The Institute derived their list based on twenty three characteristics in every country like prison population, crime levels, weapons export and import, political error and many others.

The characteristics are assigned with particular scores – from one to five. The highest of the one hundred sixty two countries is Iceland. Iceland got a score of 1.148. Iceland is not as popular as Paris or London but when it comes to peacefulness and safety, the country is the best.


This is a good place to start our traveling. Iceland is not only known for its ice, frosty temperature and blue lagoons. Iceland also boasts of stunning views. What are we waiting for? It is time to visit Iceland and see for ourselves why they are considered the most peaceful and safest country for travel.

We think that Iceland is expensive but frequent travellers recommend the place because it is affordable. For starters, Iceland is beautiful this time of the year. Before going there, we should not forget packing some jackets or coats and of course, our cameras to capture its stunning charm. Happy travelling! It is more fun if we bring along the family or friends.

Global Peace Index

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