You do not want for life to pass you. Do not wait for the moment when you tell yourself “wish I had known these”. Life is hard if you spend the rest of your life regretting everything, it will be a lot harder. You will encounter many frustrations that annoy your deep contentment.


As early as now, you have to figure out what you need and make it happen. Singaporeans are busy but it does not mean that you let life pass you. Sometimes overly thinking of the future will keep you from the life that you love. Here are some things that you should know by the time you reach thirty:

  • Do not worry about love: Most of your thoughts are occupied by love. You should know that love will take time. Do not sit around and wait for it because it will just come. Know how to love first and love will surely find you.


  • Career is not exactly what and when you want it: You want a bright career to make your parents proud but sometimes careers will be dark and cold. It is the cycle of life. You should accept that your career is not exactly what and when you want it. It can be small and modest but it can still be meaningful.


  • Do not buy things you cannot afford: Many people are unhappy because of wrong financial decisions like buying a house or car they cannot afford. Sometimes you have to accept your financial situation and make it work. Buy a small house and you will also buy peace of mind.


  • People around you will eventually die: This is somehow the saddest thing that you have to come in terms with. As much as you do not want them to leave, death is part of life. You have to accept that people around you will eventually die and such tragedies should be faced.


  • Treasure friends: If the friendship is worth keeping, no matter the distance, it should be treasured. Yes, you will find new ones but old and worthy friends are a treasure and it should be protected.


  • Look good and feel good: You are too busy to notice what your body needs. Do not wait for other people to notice something. You have to look good and feel good about yourself. This will translate to a healthier mental state. If it makes you happy and beautiful, apply makeup. Simple things can make a difference at the end of the day.

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