Our skin is basically our best asset so it is a must that we take care of it. Needless to say, our skincare dedicated to our faces is as important as our clothing. Our faces are the first medium of interaction we have with other people, so we should minimize impurities as much as possible.

This is not to encourage or tolerate vanity, but we wouldn’t also want to neglect our faces. Among the myriad of problems our faces could encounter, pimples are the most annoying at the least, and degrading at the most. In worst cases, it even affects self-esteem.

So before it gets worse, both our skin and our ego, here are a few tips to avoid those dreaded pimples:

1. Wash frequently
Needless to say, frequent washing is an effective way to keep your skin away from pimples. But don’t overdo this either, as washing your face more than twice a day can make pimples worse. It is also advisable to wash with warm water. You should keep the distinction between warm and hot, as the latter could cause even worse problems. The cleanser you use is also worth taking note of. Mild cleansers are advisable. Wash your face using circular motion with your bare fingers and not with a washcloth as this may dry skin and rob it of its natural moisture. Rinse well and don’t forget to just pat it dry. Most of us have this habit of rubbing our faces dry as this is much faster, but sad to say it also irritates our skin.

2. Stay hydrated
If you’re not fond of following that 8-glasses of water routine, you just might want to reconsider it. Our bodies are basically made up of water, so any depletion on its levels could cause problems – even pimples. Skin that’s well-hydrated glows effortlessly and doesn’t produce excess oil which could lead to pimples if pores are also clogged with dirt. So keep those tumblers within reach, as water intake just got into your beauty regimen.

3. Limit sun exposure
As much as we’d like to stay indoors, some of us might just need to sacrifice this luxury most days. If not for work or for school, we can’t just do away with long hours under the sun. If this is the case, sunscreen would be a helpful companion against skin dryness. Water intake should also be upped as this regulates our body temperature and keeps skin moisturized. However, you would want to check those suncreens before using them as most of them are oily. So make sure you use oil-free ones to successfully avoid those pimples, and not attract them instead.

Keeping our faces healthy, glowing and pimple-free not only helps add plus points to our grooming, but more importantly it adds points to our self-image and self-regard.
So skin-up and face life.

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