Singaporean teens are hooked with online gaming. Online gaming can be addictive and it can destroy your child’s study habits. As a parent, you need to act upon this before your child loses sight of what is important and just live at the moment.


Here are some ways you can encourage studying and discourage gaming:

  • Do not begin with the end in mind: Parents are inclined to emphasize the importance of passing the final exam or the diploma. Sometimes, your child simply wants to enjoy the learning process and not just think of the “end game”. It would be more beneficial if you help your child with his/her goal setting.
  • Help your child track his/her progress: Students only need to feel accomplished. With this, you need to help your child track his/her progress every day or every week. This way they will feel they can get far.


  • Give challenges that are right for their skill level: If the task you are delegating is not challenging, your child will easily get bored but when you give a challenging task, your child tend to give up right away. You have to be in between. When you give a task, make sure that it is right for his/her skill level.

Maybe there are other things that you can do for your child. The important thing here is you are with him/her. Being addicted to online gaming is not easy as it looks like. If you find things difficult, there are many people that you can ask for help. You must know that there are many coaches and counsellors here in Singapore that can help you and your child.


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