Male breast cancer is rare but it is possible. In fact, 1% of breast cancer patients are male. Breast cancer happens when their levels of oestrogen are increased. Breast cancer can also happen if a man is exposed to radiation and has a family history of breast cancer.


We might not hear a man suffering from breast cancer here in Singapore but it doesn’t mean that we are free from it. The most common type of breast cancer for males are carcinoma. We all know that there are different symptoms of breast cancer but the most common one is a lump beneath the nipple.

People might wonder why are men prone to breast cancer when they do not have breasts like women. Well, men possess small amount of breast (non-functioning that is) which is found at the back of the nipple, undeveloped ducts, fats and connective tissue.

The initial treatment for males with breast cancer depends on the situation. It is therefore important to consult the physician and discuss treatments. There are many specialists here in Singapore that can help us get through breast cancer. The important thing is we are willing and we do not lose hope.

Specialists will usually recommend treatments like chemotherapy, hormonal therapy and radiation therapy. For some, they consider a removal of the breast to ensure that cancer cells will not spread. This is called mastectomies. We have heard Angelina Jolie undergo mastectomies to decrease the chances of developing breast cancer.


Although male removal of breast is uncommon, it doesn’t mean it is not recommended for men. In fact, there is a study that found out more men suffering from breast cancer are opting to get their breasts removed – even the healthy one. According to the recent study conducted by American Cancer Society, about 5.6% of men suffering from breast cancer consider mastectomies in 2011 alone.

It was mentioned earlier that even healthy breasts can be removed. This operation is called contralateral prophylactic mastectomy and this type of mastectomy is not always needed. Dr. Ahmedin Jemal of American Cancer Society warned males considering this type of mastectomy that it will not help them live longer.

The researchers were not astounded by the increase of males undergoing mastectomy because they observed the pattern of women. Women with breast cancer undergoing mastectomy increased in the past decade from 2.8% in 1998 to 11% in 2011.

The researchers advise that males should evaluate the benefits and harms of mastectomy before actually considering it.       blog_male-breast-cancer

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