When faced with a crisis, or is forced to make an important decision, most of us tend to fall into the trap of overthinking and this is what robs us of our piece of mind. It’s the kind of mental exhaustion that keeps us from having a happier and healthier life. The good thing is this shouldn’t be the case. By doing these tricks, you can now lessen your overthinking tendencies and get your peaceful life again.


  1. Distract Yourself. One of the best ways to keep yourself from overthinking is by doing activities that’ll keep you distracted. Engage into activities that works your hands like knitting, or activities that requires a lot of attention to distract your brain from overthinking. You can also try watching a suspense movie, to keep you hooked in the present and prevent you from worrying about the future.
  1. Steer Clear From Overthinking Traps. Overthinking is often caused by a lot of factors, and the best way to stop it is to stay away from these overthinking traps. If you’re the type who’s obsessed with money, then prevent yourself from constantly checking your bank account. If you have an overly pessimistic colleague that always drags you down, then start taking lunch elsewhere to limit your interaction with that person.


  1. Keep a Journal. If you’re into writing then this trick will probably work wonders for you. The thing about overthinking concerns is that most of it just wants to be heard out. So carry around a small journal wherever you go and write down each concern that crosses your mind. Once you’re done, you’ll be surprise as to how clear your mind has become.
  1. Be Active Throughout the Day. One of the main reasons why you tend to overthink is because you have the time to do so. You have all the free time to think about all your worries and problems, causing you to overthink the things that might happen in the future. The good thing is you can prevent this by keeping yourself busy and active throughout the day. A good way to do this is to consider doing daily exercises like walking or Pilates. Getting your body tired will surely keep your wheel of thoughts from bugging you at night.

Overthinking is one of the most stressful things that you get to experience every now and then, but by keeping these solutions in mind, you’ll surely be able to stop and get over your overthinking tendencies.

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