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5 Steps Towards a Clutter-Free Office Table


An organized office table is seen as a reflection of how neat and orderly an employee is. While most employees see to it that their office spaces are in such state, some find this very difficult to achieve.


The problem starts when there’s a pile of unsorted documents in our drawer – among paperclips, rubber bands, pen covers and highlighters, among other knick knacks – and we do nothing about it. Every day we keep putting off the task of de-cluttering our office table until the whole area becomes a mess with all the accumulated stuff. Then we begin having trouble finding things, get frustrated and upset, then ask ourselves how such a small space can cause so much inconvenience. Sounds familiar? Before this adds up to your office stress, follow these five simple steps for a clutter-free table:

  • Sort

You might not know it but this is the key element in organizing everything – from documents to pens to paperclips. Same things must be grouped together according to its function. This will make your table organized and this will enable you to find things easily. You can make use of envelopes and jars to sort paper documents and paraphernalia. Segregate what needs to be kept and what needs to be thrown away. When you sort from the very beginning, things will be in their respective places – literally and figuratively.

  • Document

A problem you may encounter in sorting paper documents is that you may be unsure whether or not you will still need a particular document. To ease you of the burden of fear that you might have thrown away something that is important, document it. Your scanner and camera phone can come in handy with this dilemma.

Take a clear photo of the documents of the tiniest importance before shredding or throwing away. This method of organizing is easy and paperless! In this manner, you can always save a back-up of the photo and refer to it when the need arises. Make sure you still sort the soft copies in your computer though. Otherwise, your desktop will be cluttered and you will again spend time sorting it.

  • Dispose

Once you feel comfortable disposing the papers, be sure to do it properly. If it contains confidential or personal information, off to the shredder it goes. If the other side of the paper is still useable, put it in the scratch paper compartment. Who knows, you might take interest in doing paper maches or origamis in the future. With this, not only have you taken steps in de-cluttering your office table but you have also helped Singapore in its campaign for recycling for a greener environment.


  • Label

Once you have gone through disposal, all that is left in your table are the essential items you must keep. Label these things. These labels and tags will serve as a guide and will make your office table become organized. Cleaning up a mess can be fun and enjoyable. While you’re at it, be at your most creative! Use vibrant colors and showcase your penmanship if you have a good one. All your pens are just at the tip of your fingertips!

  • Maintain

Let’s face it. You don’t live in a perfect world where you are programmed to put everything in order. Office employees are just not built like that. True enough, there will be busy days wherein you will not be able to put things in their right places. If this happens, do not be hard on yourself as this is perfectly normal.

However, there must be a sense of awareness of the chaos in your office table. You alone are accountable for the mess, thus you are fully responsible of bringing back your office space to its original organized state. Set aside a couple of minutes on a specific day of the week as your maintenance schedule. For instance, check the status of your office table every last day of the week.

Ensure that all papers and items are in proper order. A 15-minute check every week is better than an hour or two of organizing every month. Coming to the office with a clean and clear table will be a good way to welcome another work week. Having a clutter-free table will indeed make you organize your thoughts productively in the office!


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Secrets to Make New Year’s Resolution a Feat  


It is the time of year to make a list of resolution. To some Singaporeans, the list will serve as their guide all throughout the year but to others, it is useless. Regardless of what we think, we have to acknowledge that a New Year’s resolution list can in fact shape our future.


We only need to make it happen and stick to it but psychologists discovered that we are more likely to accomplish our goals if we divide our resolution into smaller goals. For those who divided their resolution into smaller goals, they felt sense of triumph. It is time that you feel the same.

Here are some tips on making a New Year’s resolution:

  • Create one resolution: You do not need a long list. Sometimes, you have to focus on one task and channel all your energy in achieving it. This will make things less complicated and time consuming for you.
  • Evade previous resolutions: The point here is to do something that you have never done so making a previous resolution will actually forfeit the purpose of New Year’s resolution. Revisiting the failure of the past will only make you bitter and disappointed.
  • Think well: New Year’s resolution depends on the person and it is not good to follow their pursuit. You are your own person and you only know what is best for you. So, instead of making a resolution based on other people’s list, you have to reflect and think well.


  • Be practical: Most resolutions fail because they are not practical or realistic. The best thing that you should do is to divide your goal in sequence then create sub goals. The sub goals should be time-based, concrete and at the same time measurable.
  • Consider a reward system: If you feel the need to reward yourself for achieving a sub goal, you have to pursue it. The reward will maintain your motivation plus it will give you a sense of progress.
  • Expect failure: There will come a time that you revert back to your old habits. No matter how hard you try, there is something drawing you to your old habits. That is normal. Think of the failure as a temporary setback to make you strong. Do not give up. The resolution will be a total failure if you stop and not redeem yourself.

Most common New Year resolutions discuss about health. It is crucial that you maintain your state of health and be at your best. For a start, you can consider losing weight, quit smoking, getting active, drinking less alcohol and the like.     

New Year's Resolutions

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SG to Develop New Recruitment Framework

SG to Develop New Recruitment Framework

Singapore’s labor market has faced numerous problems. In the last year, many Singaporean employees were laid off due to business restructuring and reintegration process. This phenomenon has severely affected the economic progress of the city-state. Such economic parasite couldn’t be denied. The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) declared newly-devised regulation, Monday, September 23.


Prioritizing Native Citizens

The said regulation has mandated private firms or employers to recruit local job seekers before turning to foreign ones. However, the new recruitment framework centers on two objectives and is deemed important to eliminate Singapore’s dependency in hiring foreign workers and in order to provide fair hiring process to jobless Singaporeans, the Ministry of Manpower, added.

Searching Jobs Online

In August of 2014, the Singapore Workforce Development Agency will launch a government-run portal to cater job posting advertisements exclusively for managerial or professional vacancies of most companies. This project will be offered exclusively to companies with more than 25 employees only. Such companies are billed less than S$12,000 and will last to 14 days. After such time, the firm can officially handpick foreign workers from neighboring countries.


Securing Uniform Salaries

Singapore is expected to implement uniformed wage standards, and to issue employment pass holders starting January 2014 which ranges from S$3,300 a month, little bit higher than S$3,000, current wage. In a press statement, Tan Chuan Jin acting manpower minister once said that Singapore shall remain open to hire foreign labor workers as counterpart of local workforce.

Employers’ Responsibilities

Each firm must find ways to consider Singaporeans fairly, Mr. Tan stressed. The government undertakes to provide high-paying jobs to its local subordinates. As for local employers, the labor market will expect competitive and cutting-edge employees for the increasing demand of employment. On the other hand, the Ministry of Manpower the newly-established framework will monitor and scrutinize certain companies’ low-cost wages for management or professional positions.

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Accounting Software Benefits and Advantages

Accounting software allows a businessman to channel his energy in productive areas Singapore is one place where businessmen face cutthroat competition from each other and an entrepreneur require all his focus upon his business rather than spending a lot of his time on book keeping. Making use of accounting software frees a businessman from accounts and allows him to devote all the time to devising business strategies and meeting clients to improve upon sales.

There are many benefits to using a ubs accounting system but the biggest is its ability to make available financial statements at all times and from all places. Yes, being online, one can get access to his accounting software records from anywhere in the world and even get all facts and figures regarding financial aspects of the business.

Having the financial information on your fingertips makes you feel confident as you know the direction in which your business is moving. Imagine being in the midst of a business meeting with a client and being able to produce financial statements to impress upon him with the credentials of the business. Another instance where ubs accounting software does wonders is of course at the bank where the user is applying for a loan for expansion and the bank manager requires some information that you come up with by logging in to your accounting system records from ubs.

Doing business in the advanced state of Singapore is no joke, and trying to outperform other businessmen takes some effort on the part of the entrepreneurs. Accounting software ubs accounting does exactly this by making it easier and more efficient to keep accounts.

It also makes hiring the services of an accountant redundant and a businessman saves on his hard earned money that was going to the accountant in the form of salary. Making use of accounting software in Singapore has become necessary today to stay ahead in the competition and to increase the productivity and efficiency of the business. Be alert while buying the accounting software so as to buy suitable product.

One can purchase accounting software online or from one of the many companies selling it in Singapore. Whatever the source of purchase, one must ensure that the product is reliable and efficient. One way to ensure efficacy of the ubs product is to ask the company to run a demo of the accounting system inside the business and to give hands on training to all the employees who will eventually make use of the features of the software.

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