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5 Workout Activities That You Can Do With Your Dog

From dealing with the early signs of depression to lowering your blood pressure level, owning a dog can really give you numerous health benefits. Other than that, your four-legged friend can also help in increasing your fitness routine by working out together. To ensure that both you and your pooch stay fit, we’ve listed down several workout activities that both of you can really enjoy.

Bid Dog and Little Dog

  1. Walking. If you’ve always lead your pooch into specific paths on your previous walking exercises, then it might time to change your routine by allowing him to take charge on your walk exercises. Let your pet lead you on his chosen path and pace this time, and you’ll be surprise as to where his nose can take you. Just ensure though, that you don’t fall into a duct or trespass on a private lot.
  1. Doing an Obstacle Course. There’s no need for you to enrol your pet in some fancy training program just to keep him fit. You can simply set up your obstacle course by looking for items in your neighbourhood like an elevated platform that he can easily jump over, or going into an uphill slope where both of you can run.
  1. Playing Fetch. What better way to make your dog exercise than to play fetch. This game is so versatile that it suits any size or breed of dog, and can even be done in your garden, a spacious indoor garage or in an empty lot. All you’ll need is an item that you can easily throw around for your pet to retrieve repeatedly.


  1. Jogging. So long as they are already over 18 months old and are physically healthy, dogs actually make great running buddies. Start your running exercise by doing 10-minute runs, while adding 10 minutes weekly until you’ve reached your desired distance and time. This gradual build-up is what allows the connective tissues and muscles of your dog to adapt to the jogging activity without getting injured.
  1. Rollerblading or Biking. Since it’s an advanced level of workout routine, biking and rollerblading are routines that are only suited for large dogs. Your dog should also be a year and a half old to start biking longer distances. As you start the activity, ensure that you build up both of your stamina gradually and just exercise within the means of your dog. Put a special bike leash on him, and let him walk or run beside you as you pedal or skate.

While it’s a good way to engage your pet into any of the aforementioned activities, it would still be best to consult a vet first to see if he is in a good condition to perform such exercises. That way, you’ll be able to exercise with your dog without worrying about the possibility of experiencing any form of injury.



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Workout Essentials Every Fitness Buff Should Have

Wearing the right workout clothes and gear can really make a big difference when it comes to staying motivated and working out effectively. Some of these gears can aid in speeding up your workout recovery, while some can provide more support for your workout routine. To help you know which workout essentials a fitness buff like you should be keeping in his gym bag and locker, here is a list of six extremely useful fitness items.


  1. Wireless Headset: Having wires running and hitting your body as you cycle or run is just plain annoying. To avoid such inconvenience, opt for the sweat-resistant ear buds that will allow you to listen to your workout jam wirelessly via Bluetooth.
  1. Yoga Towel: One of the ruling yoga towel brands present in the Singapore market today is Yogitoes. What made this brand popular is the unparalleled grip that their towels provide. Apart from that, their yoga towels are also very absorbent and washes easily. So, if you happen to sweat a lot, just layer it over your mat to avoid slipping as well as to extend the wear of your yoga mat.
  1. Charger: There’s nothing worse than discovering that your phone is about to die out while you’re still in the middle of your routine. A good way to avoid this? Always carry a super-lightweight mini external battery with you to keep your workout jam going throughout your workout sessions.


  1. Glow-in-the-Dark Sneakers: Anyone who has driven in the dark knows just how difficult it is to immediately spot runners. So if you plan on running at night, ensure that you’re properly dressed. The well-known running shoes brand, New Balance, released their new collection of glow in the dark sneakers, which is perfect for providing head-to-toe visibility. Wearing this will surely make you eye-catching even at night.
  1. Thick Yoga Mat: If you’re suffering from joint problems, or is a novice yoga practitioner, we suggest that you opt for a thick yoga mat. Not only is this kind of mat durable, it will also lessen your chances of slipping on your mat if you happen to sweat a lot.
  1. Massager: Most people, whether they’re physically active or not, don’t usually stretch as much as they should. To ensure that you perform some passive stretching, keep handy massager with you always. Look for good brands that have massagers that target all parts of your body starting from your neck down to your feet.


Working out can be made easier and more effective by using the right fitness gears. So before you start your road to becoming a healthy individual, make sure that you have all the aforementioned essentials packed in your gym bag first.

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