Most of us definitely see vodka only as a component for straight-up shots and mixed drinks, but what’s surprising is that this traditional Russian cure-all has actually become a versatile kitchen staple that can even be used in several beauty benefits. So don’t just box vodka as another bar staple, but see at as a tool that can up your beauty regimen.


  1. Hair Rinse. Vodka is known to have a low pH level, which is quite helpful for achieving shiny and frizz-free strands. Just mix your chilled vodka into your deep conditioner, or use it as a post-conditioning rinse. For coloured and treated hair, only perform the vodka rinse once a week; if you have virgin hair, you can use it as often as you like. Just ensure that you properly condition your hair afterwards to avoid dryness.
  1. Clarifying Treatment. Other than a hair rinse alternative, vodka’s pH-balancing qualities also makes it an excellent clarifying treatment for both your hair and scalp. Simply mix a shot of vodka in your shampoo, then gently massage it into your scalp to remove product build-ups and get a smooth, shiny finish.
  1. Astringent Toner. Run out of your astringent toner? Just mix equal parts of water and vodka to get an effective toner alternative. Using this mixture will help in tightening your pores and drying up your blemishes. If you want, you can also customize your natural toner by adding other skin-nourishing ingredients like lavender oil or rose water.


  1. Mouthwash. You got that right. We’re telling you to put some vodka into your mouth but not to swallow it. Vodka’s anti-bacterial nature is what will help you kill odour-causing germs and freshen your breath in just a swish.
  1. Razor Cleanser. Tired of constantly replacing your razors? Then simply soak them in vodka immediately after shaving to keep them from gathering gross residues that will make them rusty and unpleasant to use. With this trick, you’ll be able to keep your razors fresher for a longer period of time, while saving several bucks.

Surely, vodka is one of the best drinks to relieve a stressful day at work, but it has also proven itself as one of the best tools to amp every woman’s beauty game.


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