Finding a perfect partner is a real struggle for everyone. In this generation, the standard of a perfect guy or a perfect girl is evidently a real high deal. With the pressure of society, everyone tends to think of finding the right girl or the right guy a mere fantasy because not everyone believes that there is true love that still exists even in the roughest of times.


Because love is something precious, setting standards for your perfect one is not a new concept. We all have that individual perception of what is the ideal woman or ideal man for us. For a man, the search for a better half that he can always depend on and will cherish for the rest of his life. For single woman out there, here are five basic things that a man is usually looking for a woman:

  1. Being beautiful is one thing – having brains is something. It is a fact that a beautiful face can really attract the eyes – but if you’re a woman who wants more than the adoration of the eyes, beauty will never be enough. Man of this generation tends to find brainy and smart woman attractive than those who have only face and body to offer. They find it more beautiful if a woman has a speck of intelligence hidden in her beautiful head.


  1. Princess on the outside – warrior on the inside. Every woman deserves to be pampered like a princess, and a real gentleman knows that. But modern men finds it admiring if the woman can handle herself. The type who is feminine enough but can stand up for herself – that’s the kind of woman, today’s gentlemen thinks are for keeps.


  1. Being clingy is charming but independence is admiring. When a girl clings too much to his man – it is indeed adorable, yet men of today’s generation find independence as sexy. Usually, men nowadays falls for a woman who is independent. The kind of woman, who acknowledges his man, but doesn’t have to depend on him every time.


  1. The kind who got his back. For a man, a girl who loves him so much, understands his ideals and supports his decisions is a kind of girl that he will cherish his whole life. Living in this modern world where life is always in the fast paced – a man definitely needs someone who will support him all the way. The kind of woman who always got his back whether things go according to plan or not – he knows he always have her by her side, always understanding and giving him incomparable love. Without a doubt, if a man finds a woman like this – she will definitely be for keeps!


  1. Modernly classic – a bit of finesse and a ton of fun. What’s more adorable than to have a woman who behaves like a lady but also has the fun side within. It adds up to a woman’s sex appeal, and men usually finds it sexy, when a woman has a good sense of humor. Well, who doesn’t love a funny while at the same time a loving woman right?

Man and woman in a hotel bar

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