Oftentimes, caterers face the challenge of preparing, cooking, and serving food in a location away from their own site. Off-site Singapore BBQ food catering entails the transporting grilling equipment, tools and utensils, and most importantly, the barbecue meat and ingredients. But how do you properly transport the foods you need for off-site BBQ catering?

How to Prepare for Transport
In the context of transporting food for BBQ catering, it is important that you use the appropriate supplies and equipment to keep your food items organized and safe. The moment you reach the Singapore location, things might get hectic. So it is strongly advisable to make the necessary preparations in your own site.

How to prepare Cold Food
To make things easier, you can do all the BBQ chopping and slicing work in your site where your food preparation utensils are readily available. For cold foods that need cooking or boiling, do it in advance so there will be enough time to have them chilled before transferring them to the off-site location.
Once you’re done with all the necessary bbq catering singapore food prep, you can put the pre-made foods in food pans and place them in the fridge to preserve them. If there is no sufficient refrigeration space in your own site, you can also hire a refrigerated van for additional storage. This can be convenient on your part since you can drive it directly to the off-site location.

How to Prepare Hot Food
Similar to preparing cold foods, it is also advisable to prepare and cook hot BBQ catering foods in advance. Once you’ve finished cooking, you can preserve them in the fridge and just reheat them in an oven or microwave before transport in Singapore, or you can also reheat them later on once you’ve reached the off-site location for better quality. Most likely, barbecue food warmers alone are not enough to make your foods very hot.
However, there are certain types of BBQ catering food that tend to dry out or get overcooked when you reheat them. For certain dishes, you can cook them only a few hours before you will need them and have them stored in food pans until transport.

Keeping the Meats Safe
In off-site BBQ catering in Singapore island, transporting BBQ catering meats can be potentially dangerous since you need to keep the meats at a certain temperature to avoid bacterial growth. Moreover, frequent chilling and thawing of barbecue meat can also cause damage to the meats, making them more susceptible to bacteria.

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