You should know that what you act will reflect how you feel or think about something. This is called body language. Body language may be subtle or unnoticeable but if you look deeper, it will reveal a lot of things unsaid. It is important that you know several body languages so you will know how to interpret it or you will understand it.


In this case, you should be familiar of body languages that you should avoid at work. It might suggest different things to your employer or co-workers. Here are some body languages that you need to avoid at work:

  • Crossed arms: Crossing arms will make you look defensive. The best thing to do is put your arms on your sides especially when answering questions.
  • Leaning forward: If you lean forward when someone is talking to you, you appear aggressive. Just pose as you would during ordinary times.
  • Shifting eyes: Establishing eye contact is important. When your eyes meet, do not shift it too soon. It will suggest nervousness or untrustworthiness.


  • Hands on hips: Refrain from putting your hands on your hips. It is a clear sign of aggressiveness.
  • Stepping back: Do not step back when you encountered decisive moments because it suggests uncertainty or fear. If you are into something and you think you are right, stand your ground with conviction.
  • Nodding too much: Nodding too much is not good. Even if you agree to all the things, you should limit nodding. Once is enough. The other person will understand that you get his/her point.

Now you have ideas. If you see these body languages to others, you now know what they are possibly thinking or feeling.



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