Business is an activity that requires mental acumen and the ability to stay ahead of the competition. It may look odd to tell a person he would be more successful if he shifts his venture to a particular location as he would take it as an insult to his entrepreneurial abilities. But if the place being mentioned is none other than Singapore, even the most talented businessman would agree with this fact. To start a business and get it registered with authorities after getting approvals and sanctions is a tiresome job in any country of the world but not so in Singapore. You can still fail even in the easiest place to do business.
What would you say if a country is being ranked first for several years as a country that is easiest to do business in the world? Yes, this is what even the World Bank has said on a number of occasions, and it is reflected in the least amount of time it takes to register one’s business and start it in this tiny but extremely advanced country. Singapore has always been preferred for international trade because of its strategic location (a natural sea port with access to all regions of the world). But it has been made all the more attractive because of fast development of infrastructure, avoidance of double taxation, and free trade agreements of the country with major countries of the world.

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