It is the time of year to make a list of resolution. To some Singaporeans, the list will serve as their guide all throughout the year but to others, it is useless. Regardless of what we think, we have to acknowledge that a New Year’s resolution list can in fact shape our future.


We only need to make it happen and stick to it but psychologists discovered that we are more likely to accomplish our goals if we divide our resolution into smaller goals. For those who divided their resolution into smaller goals, they felt sense of triumph. It is time that you feel the same.

Here are some tips on making a New Year’s resolution:

  • Create one resolution: You do not need a long list. Sometimes, you have to focus on one task and channel all your energy in achieving it. This will make things less complicated and time consuming for you.
  • Evade previous resolutions: The point here is to do something that you have never done so making a previous resolution will actually forfeit the purpose of New Year’s resolution. Revisiting the failure of the past will only make you bitter and disappointed.
  • Think well: New Year’s resolution depends on the person and it is not good to follow their pursuit. You are your own person and you only know what is best for you. So, instead of making a resolution based on other people’s list, you have to reflect and think well.


  • Be practical: Most resolutions fail because they are not practical or realistic. The best thing that you should do is to divide your goal in sequence then create sub goals. The sub goals should be time-based, concrete and at the same time measurable.
  • Consider a reward system: If you feel the need to reward yourself for achieving a sub goal, you have to pursue it. The reward will maintain your motivation plus it will give you a sense of progress.
  • Expect failure: There will come a time that you revert back to your old habits. No matter how hard you try, there is something drawing you to your old habits. That is normal. Think of the failure as a temporary setback to make you strong. Do not give up. The resolution will be a total failure if you stop and not redeem yourself.

Most common New Year resolutions discuss about health. It is crucial that you maintain your state of health and be at your best. For a start, you can consider losing weight, quit smoking, getting active, drinking less alcohol and the like.     

New Year's Resolutions

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