Choosing a Dedicated File Server

Dedicated File Server, What Is It?

It is a single unit connected to the internet. The computer unit and its processing components are solely dedicated to a single organization or person. This means that there is no file sharing or the unit’s resources are not shared, including files stored in its backup server. It is only you who can fully control the machine and can freely run any application you wish to have on the computer.


Do I only need one server, or should I have more?

Dedicated file server have two uses, for website hosting and specific service hosting.

In website hosting, all services and programs are running on one dedicated file server. This set-up is the most common for small to medium operated websites in Singapore since all the software needed in operating it is installed in one single machine. The advantage of this is that you won’t have to spend much on multiple units, thus saving you a lot of money and no need for file sharing. The downside is that all the applications and software share a single machine resource, which may cause the slowing down of the unit.

On the other hand, specific service hosting is hosting single software on a single dedicated machine from dynatech. Every part of the machine is dedicated only for a single type of functionality. For instance, one unit can only host Database Software, so the machine is only for handling of Database queries. By this set-up, you can deliver more pages and cater more queries.

Typically, medium to high operated websites in Singapore run this type of file sharing singapore system along with a backup server. Most common setup consists of two or more server that only caters web requests, then another for database requests, and a couple of more for processing of emails. In fact, there is no limitation as to how many should be your servers for a certain service. With this setup, you can conduct file sharing from different units for easier multiple unit accessibility.


Amount of Random Access Memory

One of the most important things you have to ensure is the amount of your unit’s RAM. The more RAM your file server has, the more files you can back-up. You have to make sure that the RAM of your unit can accommodate every file you want to back-up.


Know the number of unit processors/cores

Another factor in choosing a server is to know if the processor of the unit can handle bigger tasks and whether if its compatible with an existing backup server (if one is already available).  Since the task of a dynatech file server is to back-up, you have to ensure that it won’t crash in the middle of a back-up procedure or while collecting data from file sharing activities.

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