You should know that in the past 7 days, Singapore experienced the lowest temperature. Temperatures here have dropped to 2 degrees. For January 2014 alone, the daily minimum temperature ranges from 23.5-21.1 degrees Celsius. According to MSS (Meteorological Service Singapore), this is lower than the long-term average which is 22.3 degrees Celsius.


Indeed it is quite chilly here. In fact, MSS noted stronger winds. Wind gusts now reach up to 27 km/hour. This number is twice the usual speed. Despite its chill, some areas here in Singapore has been dry. Reports stated that some areas experienced less rain. The changing and the unsure condition will not do your body good. You should take care of your body because that is your greatest investment.

When it is cold, you tend to have colds and flus. It is important that you know what to do so you can prevent the spreading and the worsening of your colds and flu. You also need to be guided with the common misconceptions about the causes of colds & flus. Here are some common misconceptions about colds and flus:


1. Low immunity is the cause of colds. Many of us believe that cold only affects people with low immunity. That is not completely true. Colds can affect even the strongest people. Cold viruses affect people whether they are strong or not. We should keep that in mind.

2. Vitamin C & Zinc help prevent colds. You should know that Vitamin C & Zinc does not help prevent colds and flu. They do not even keep the colds at bay. There are studies that stresses the importance of Vitamin C and Zinc as it can shorten the cold symptoms but that is just not right.

3. Antibiotics treats colds. When people get colds, they tend to take antibiotics. That is not the solution for common colds. Remember that antibiotics only target bacteria. Colds are viruses not bacteria. No matter how many drugs you take, it will not make a difference. In fact, it will only worsen the situation. If you constantly take antibiotics, the body will develop resistance and when you need it most, it will be less effective.

It was Thomas Tallman, DO, who gave clarifications and busted the misconceptions about colds. It is important that you do not spread the virus when you are suffering from one. When you are well, that is the time that you can go back to your usual routine. As much as possible you should isolate yourself until you are recovered.

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