Haze has become a major problem of Singapore and its neighbouring countries. Many people are hopeful that this phenomenon will get better because many things are affected. For the purposes of this discussion, you should understand haze and how it came about. Haze happens when dust, smoke and other particles gather in dry air. Haze can cause visibility problems. Other problems or effects of haze include:



Haze brings dusts, smoke and particles thereby impairing the nose, eyes, skin, airways and throat. The Ministry of Health said that the effects of haze vary depending on the seriousness of PSI. Persons with asthma, allergies, chronic lung disease and chronic sinusitis will suffer more. Children, elderly and pregnant women will also suffer.

Disruption of day to day activities

Locals with planned or scheduled days are inconvenienced because of haze. Just to be sure, always refer to PSI so you will not compromise your health. Don’t forget your N95 mask when you go outside.

Disturbance of government initiatives or actions

The initiatives or actions of NEA (National Environment Agency) and other agencies will be disturbed due to haze conditions. For example, if haze continues to worsen, outdoor dengue inspections and assessments will be reduced. Waste collections and public cleaning will be done every other day since going outside is not advisable.

Business and tourism

Significant decrease in tourist or customer numbers are noticed when there’s haze condition. If the condition continues, significant losses will be recorded.

The effects of haze are very serious. Governments should take steps in reducing if not eliminating this phenomenon. This is not only the problem of Singapore and the whole of Asia but it is also the problem of the whole world. Let’s join hands and make things better.

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