The Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) is doing its best to keep drug addicts and traffickers away from the streets of Singapore. The problem of drugs is very serious. It should be curbed if not eliminated. All people know the punishment for committing drug-related offences but still there are others who deliberately ignore it. It is their loss.


It is important that you know how to spot addicts (and possibly traffickers) so you can help the enforcers. If you do not want drugs to reach your children and the people you know, you should help the enforcers apprehend addicts and traffickers. Here are signs and symptoms of drug addicts:


Physical Signs

The first sign is changes in physical appearance. You should look out if the person is not able to sleep, lazy and is awake at odd hours. Apart from that, the person may experience loss (or increase) of appetite. Look out for shaky, cold and sweaty palms. When you notice a deterioration of physical health or personal hygiene, he/she may be an addict. The classic physical sign is red and watery eyes.


Behavioural Signs

The next thing that you should consider is behaviour changes. If you notice that he/she has temper tantrums, forgetfulness, paranoia, suspicious and moodiness, he/she may be using. You might also notice unceasing dishonesty or lying. He/she may steal money to finance the drug. More importantly, if you caught drug paraphernalia in his/her belongings, it is time that you talk to him/her.

But you should keep in mind that the signs and symptoms mentioned above are not guarantee because it may be due to other health problem. If you know someone who is using or trafficking, you should advise them to stop before everything gets worse. Stopping and surrendering are not easy but if you take the first step, they will surely follow.

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