Ice cream is a famous dessert of refreshment here in Singapore. Before the coming of yogo or gelato, ice cream is solidifying its presence here. With the coming of different desserts offering different nutritional contents, the popularity of ice cream is somewhat declining.


Despite its declining popularity, there are still Singaporeans who prefer ice cream. If we are health conscious but still love ice cream, there are certain ice creams that we can try. The good news is that there are ice cream treats for less than 150 calories.

Here are some:

  • Weight Watchers Giant Chocolate Cookies and Cream: If we love chocolate inside and out, this is the best choice. The ice cream boasts of high-fibre ice cream bars. Each bar is only 130 calories.
  • Lucerne Neapolitan Ice Cream Sandwich: If we want to taste three flavours in one, we should try this ice cream. The ice cream will treat us with chocolate, strawberry and vanilla ice cream. The sandwich is at least 150 calories.


  • Creamsicle Orange and Raspberry Ice Cream Bars: A bar is at least 100 calories. This ice cream is refreshing because of its combination – sherbet and vanilla ice cream.
  • Klondike Slim a Bear Vanilla Bars: A bar is at least 100 calories. This ice cream will indulge us – creamy vanilla ice cream concealed in milk chocolate coating.

We have to remember that too much of something is bad enough. When eating ice cream, it is imperative that we do not overdo it. Little servings or small portions can make a difference at the end of the day. The key here is discipline.


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