One of the common condition in which the senior citizens in Singapore are dealing with is the dryness of the eye. Thus, right after getting to Lasik eye surgery, elderly are simply encouraged for taking additional care to make sure that the eyes are hydrated well and being lubricated by simply using eye drops. The lubrication of the eyes right after the procedure is not just essential for people who would be having the surgery done for their senior years.


Keeping up their eyes moist and keeping it from drying out is merely an essential part of the aftercare for those who have undergone the surgery in Singapore. The only thing is that, it would be more crucial for the elderly and even those who tend to have dry eyes in a natural manner. Making use of eye drops routinely right after the Lasik surgery is quite simple, yet they are an efficient way of avoiding problems and future complications. The clinic would surely provide the patient having the appropriate lubricating drops for the eyes for the post surgery usage.

One of the main reasons why Lasik or Epi Lasik in Singapore is safe for seniors is that, it is all because of the general procedure, which has proven to have only few complications and low risk. With such, the eye surface would not be cut by the traditional lasik surgery singapore surgical instruments causing damage into the eye’s cornea. Instead, the small cut, which has to be made, will then be accomplished with the laser beam. It only means that the incision would be tiny, clean and accurate. These factors would then result into lesser infection risks and other future complications.

The only thing is that, though there is a clean record of success reports, it is not a general proof. The corrective Lasik surgery patients simply experience complications from the procedure or mainly disappointing results at about 5% of the time. Whenever the procedure doesn’t go successfully, a senior patient would simply end up with having a fluctuating vision, seeing some sort of lines on the light sources, increased sensitivity from the glaring light and experiencing more of eye dryness.


However, most of the eye-laser surgeons in Singapore simply agree that Epi LASIK and Lasik surgery for the seniors is not merely the perfect procedure for each of them. Some conditions like the presbyopia and glycoma could not be corrected for using Epi LASIK and LASIK eye surgery. Actually, with glaucoma, these procedures could only worsen the condition. So, for any elderly in Singapore who intend to take the LASIK procedure, consider your situation first.

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