Sometimes it takes the right book to stimulate your kids to read. While they are young, it would be great if they start to love and appreciate books. Being a parent, stimulating your kids to read is a challenge and it can be very difficult but if you know how to pick the right books, things will be easier.

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Kids should see that reading is a fun thing to do. If you notice that your kids are not interested in reading, it is time to act. Here are some guidelines that you should consider when picking the right books for your kids:

Below 1

If you want your child below 1 to start getting interested with books, you should choose books that pops up. Babies also love to feel the textures of books. The pop-up and the texture will surely stimulate their senses.

2 years old

If you have a 2 years old child, you should buy him/her books with simple stories and colourful depictions. You can also try rhyming books. Choose books with repetitive sentences so your babies can learn vocabulary and sentence structure.


3 to 4 years old

If you have a 3 to 4 years old child, you can choose books that are more complex. He/she is ready for that. Do not worry because their understanding capabilities have expanded. Pick books that have colours because it will excite him/her.

Kindergarten age

In this stage, you can give your child any book. This age is good because children tend to be curious about language and many things. You can give him/her poetry books, rhyming books and many more. It is better if you let your child pick his/her book.



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