The government is encouraging Singaporeans and other residents to live a healthier and sustainable life by cycling. But how can people cycle when they are worried about their safety and security along the road?  Thankfully the government is thinking of expanding cycling paths and connectivity throughout the country.


To promote safe cycling, cyclists gathered together on December 1, 2013. There were about three hundred cyclists who joined the event who pedalled from Jurong East towards Labrador Park and vice versa. The event reminds the cyclists of the following things:

Cycling Equipment

The first thing that you need to put in mind is riding a bicycle that perfectly suits you. After that, you should be certain that your bicycle is in good condition. When riding it at night, you should make sure that you have a front light (white) and rear light (red).


Cycling Attire

You have to wear the right cycling attire to avoid or prevent serious injuries when you encounter accidents. Helmet is very important because it can protect your head if you fall. You also need appropriate shoes. More importantly, you need to wear a coloured clothing to improve your visibility.


Cycling Behaviour

If you practice right cycling behaviours, you have greater chances of coming home unscratched. You should always remember to obey traffic rules. If you want to turn left/right or stop, make sure that you give enough hand signals. Do not forget about your bells when you approach the pedestrian.

The cyclist should always be aware of his/her environment. When you are cycling, always remember that you are susceptible to accidents and the best way to avoid it is to espouse safe cycling.

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