Katinka Hosszu is in Singapore for the short course of the 2013 Fina Swimming World Cup. Her reputation started way back in 2009 when she won the World Championship held in Rome. To date, she has 39 gold medals, eight silver medals and six bronze medals. She is an epitome of the good benefits of swimming. Many people should consider swimming as an exercise.

We are encouraged to perform at least 150 to 200 minutes of exercise per week. You can go to fitness centres or you can simply exercise in your immediate vicinity. Many people prefer jogging or biking, but if you want something different and fun, you should consider swimming. There are many reasons to swim. Here’s a list of its benefits:


Low Impact

When you hear low impact, it means that there are less or no ground impact. This is best for people who are thinking about protecting their joints from strains and stress. Since it is low impact, many people are considering this. If you jump, you will not be injured or hurt because you are buoyant. If you put on a floatation device, the impact will be even lesser.

Cardio Respiratory Fitness

Like any exercise, swimming can enhance stamina. If you swim, your oxygen consumption as well as your stroke volume (quantity of blood pumped with every beat which signifies the strength of the heart) will improve.

Burn Calories

You should know that swimming burns calories. Regardless of the stroke you use, swimming can efficiently burn calories. This is the best way to maintain your weight. Based on duration alone, swimming burns more calories than jogging or biking.


If you want to continue swimming, you can do so. Even if you are old, you can still swim. Swimming as a hobby will be good for the body.

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