Parents are given enough time to play with their child. Sometimes, it is not sufficient but there is a need to follow it. Toddlers need to sleep as well as eat. They also need to do their part in order to live. Although they cannot do it on their own, they can act the things they want. Just like crying. When a child cries, the common things that he need is rest and eat. When it comes to playing, children, like adults, feel weary. Therefore, babies also need to stop and pause. By giving them a break, they will feel that they are cared.


Give your Children enough Space

You have to control and limit the activities of your child. Do not let him soak his eyes in the computer or drown himself on his sweat while playing. It is the obligation of the parent to secure the safety of their child. Also, you have to give your kid time to play, time to do his homework and time to go around and shop anything he wants. As your child matures, let him do the things that you are doing to him. Try to teach to him the things that you do to him so that he can do the job and he’ll become independent. Also, it will be an advantage to you because you as a parent because you can do the things that you have to finish on time.


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