If you let kids be in this digital age, they will just sit around and play with their smartphones and computers all day. If this persists, they will grow to have many health issues. With this, as parents, you have to instil the importance of health whilst they are young. Getting your kids in shape is the first step.

Here in Singapore, the government is urging parents to get their kids in shape for improved daily performance. By getting in shape it means exercise. Exercise is good in your children’s body as well as their minds. Speaking of exercise, your children might be interested in sports. If this is the case, you have to know some tips on keeping your children safe from sports injuries. Here are some tips that you need to know:

  • Submit your kids for physical exam. Before you actually agree on any sports your kids want to join, you have to make sure that they undergo physical exam first. This is important so coaches can gauge their fitness program and their level.


  • Invest on quality gears. Sports injuries are partly accidental and partly because of negligence. If you want your kid to have better chances against injuries, you need to invest on gears like shoes, protection and clothing.

  • Make sure they have enough fluids. Before any sports events or fitness program, you have to encourage your kids to drink a lot of fluids. As much as possible, only water. Avoid giving them caffeinated drinks before, during and after the exercise.


  • Remind them about proper exercise. You have to stress the importance of warm up and cool down. It should not end there because you need to instruct the kids on proper breathing from inhaling to exhaling.


  • Spend time with them. Things will be fun if you spend time with kids. Say every weekend, think of something to do that will encourage being active. You can consider Frisbee in the park or indoor rock climbing. There are many things that you can consider if you give it a chance. It can be an excellent bonding moment too.


  • Do activity challenges. Kids love challenge and you should encourage it. A healthy competition won’t hurt them. In fact, it can help with their getting fit. You can enlist your kid in a marathon or fun run for charity. It will also bring them awareness.

Getting your kids to be physically fit can be daunting especially if they want to just sit around. Consistency is important.

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