Singapore is known to its nickname “the foodie’s paradise”. This is because of its different cuisines that is being developed through different races and cultures that has been experienced by Singaporeans in the past times. And today, the country continues to boast their unique and delicious foods in the market.


Because of the different foods that are seen in the beautiful streets of Singapore, many people wonder, what the different cuisines in the country are and why many people go back in the place and eat.

1.       Malay Cuisine

Malay Cuisines are known to be served in neighboring countries like Indonesia. Singapore has adapted the food because many Singaporeans loved its taste and the ingredients of the dishes are present in the country. These are foods like Gulai Daiun Ubi, Acar, Asaa, Pedas, Mee Rebus, Bakso. Nasi Padang, Nasi Lemak. Satay, Mee Siam, Soto Ayam, Satay and more.

2.       Chinese Cuisine

This cuisine was presented by different travelers like Hainanese. Cantonese, Hokkien, Teochew and many more. But because other ingredients for the Chinese foods are not in Singapore, the foods have been modified and it is not he real taste similar with Chinese dishes. Most dishes include Drunken Prawn, Bak Chor mee, Bak Chang, Egg Tart, Ba Mian, Char Slew Rice, Hainanese chicken rice, and more famous dishes.


3.       Indian Cuisine

This is similar with other cuisines. It has undergone different modifications. Now, Singapore serves North and South Indian dishes. Popular dishes include Butter Chicken, Appam, Naan, Roti Prata, Achar, Murtabak, and more.

Actually, there are a lot of cuisines that influenced Singapore. In fact, these are only few of the many delicacies that Singapore can offer.


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