Singapore, being a country located near the equator, has a tropical climate. However, most of the year, the weather stays hot and humid.

We wish we could stay at home during these days and enjoy the perks of our air-condition unit but there are times when we have to go to work or run some important errands.


Cooling down seems impossible thanks to our hectic schedules but not to worry, we can do something about this dilemma. Here are some convenient lifestyle tips to stay cool and survive the weather.


The wonders of chrysanthemum tea

You can find chrysanthemum tea in any grocery store in Singapore. It is recognized by Chinese medicine to be able to eliminate indigestion, ulcers and extreme headaches- most commonly caused by a sudden escalation of the body’s temperature.

When consumed hourly, noticeable changes can be observed. Heat rashes and other sun damages will dissipate. Drink hot chrysanthemum tea soaked with chrysanthemum leaves on hot days brings down the temperature of the body.


Natural aloe goodness

Aloe vera is known among individuals who love doing home remedies as a plant with an abundance of health benefits, most of these involving skin care.

Lathering aloe vera to sunburns or sun damaged skin can ease the pain and cool the skin. The plant has menthol properties so applying the gel, which is made up of 96% water, to the skin has a cooling and moisturizing effect.


Cool and fruity

Fruits such as cucumber and watermelon, have natural hydrating properties because of their high water content. Hydrating the body is a great way of bringing down body temperature. Citrus fruits, among them are limes and oranges, are hailed to be the one with the greatest cooling effect.

Snacking on chilled fruits is a healthy and delicious way of cooing down during extremely hot and humid days. Not only do these fruits cool down the body, but they also give the body tons of nutrients that keep the skin healthy and help break down fatty foods. Mix these with chilled veggies and bring them with you as a snack during busy days out.


No to alcohol

People from places that experience winter typically go drinking to help them keep warm. Quite the opposite, in countries experiencing hot scorching weather, people should avoid drinking alcoholic drinks.

Alcohol heightens the body’s blood volume, making more blood rise to the skin’s surface. When this happens, the body feels a lot warmer. This is why some people feel hot and turn red when they drink.


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