Some titles cannot be classified under one genre. This is nothing new because most of the games released in recent years use features from different genres. There are those however that still stand out because of their unique gameplay. Here are 15 video games that are difficult to classify.


The Master comes out after a hundred years to confront Tanzra and his lieutenants. He must guide the new civilization by increasing the population and allowing advancements.



The player-controlled character receives instructions from a woman who leads him to an artifact which can open the Vault. He has to acquire all the pieces before the time is up.


Brutal Legend

Eddie Riggs commands a troop and defends his stage at the same time from Doviculus and General Lionwhyte. The setting is inspired by heavy metal music.


Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

This genre-redefining sequel to Rondo of Blood features Alucard whose objective is to find and defeat Dracula. The player uses items and weapons to improve Alucard.


Heavy Rain

Told from four point-of-views, Heavy Rain is the search for the Origami Killer. The latest victim might be Shaun, Ethan’s remaining child. Character decisions affect the course of the story and how it ends.


Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure

Henry Hatsworth is on a quest to find the Golden Suit so he can control the Puzzle Realm. Defeated enemies become blocks that must be cleared before they revive.


Heroes of Annihilated Empires

Elhant must save the elven land. The game can be played as a role-playing game or a real-time strategy if the player decides to sell or use a certain spell.



Yamanouchi Kagetora wants to revive the Odama to avenge his father. The Odama is used like a pinball by the player to fight the enemies.



The player acts as Patapon Tribe’s Almighty who directs the beating of the drums to control the army. The objective is to input drumbeat sequences correctly.


Chell has to solve puzzles in different rooms using the portal gun while she is monitored by an AI called GLaDOS.


Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords

This role-playing game unique for its combat using spells or a turn-based puzzle which requires three similar tiles to line up before they are removed. The player also builds and destroys citadels.



The player takes control of a hacker who has to destroy viruses in Eden, an artificial intelligence which controls Project-K.



The player controls a wizard who can cast spells and direct armies. The title is taken from the game conditions which require a player to sacrifice a friendly unit to taint an enemy’s altar.



In this game, the player has to guide a species from its microscopic beginnings to its development as an advanced society. The game has a total of five stages.


The Guardian Legend

In this sequel to Guardic, The Guardian has to find the ten safety devices in the planet-like Naju before it comes too close to Earth.

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