Whether we talk of designers or Singapore shops selling wedding dress, we see a great variety of dresses that are meant for ladies with slim trim figures. Nobody thinks about fat girls when it comes to making wedding gowns, or at least this is the impression among girls who are a little overweight or full bodied to be using a euphemism. The models that are seen walking down the ramp are skinny and tall, and can carry any design or style of wedding gown. But the same cannot be said about thickset girls. The situation becomes more difficult when a fat girl is also short. However, there is nothing to worry as with a little creativity, even overweight and plus sized Singapore women can be made to look just as stunning as thin girls on their wedding days.

The market is full of enticing designs meant for thin ladies
It is a fact that most of the Singapore bridal studios and Singapore bridal boutiques selling wedding gowns and other accessories store dresses that are meant for average sized girls and it is often frustrating for a full bodied girl to pay a visit and try all those dresses that they hope against hope to fit their full figures. However, with a bit of imagination, the plus points of the body of a fat bride can be used to highlight while her minus points can be kept under wraps to present her as a stunning and very beautiful bride.

Fabrics and colors are important
In general, all experts agree that the fabric used for making Singapore wedding gown for a full bodied bride should be silk or satin rather than organza so as to not highlight the actual figure of the lady. The same goes with colors, as white is considered the best for full bodied ladies, and experts suggest not experimenting too much with colors as colored wedding gowns make them look what they are, rather than covering their problem attributes.

With satin or silk, the figure remains hidden under the material, and additionally, the Singapore wedding dress designer must avoid the temptation to even think of mermaid like patterns. If the lady has a big bust but is normal at the waist, the wedding dress Singapore designer can still go for an A-line gown. However, if the bride has a full torso, it is better to go with empire style wedding dress for the bride. Actually, the empire design does well to hide the curves and the guests would be rather looking at the skirt. Wherever possible, the designer should go for a sleeved dress. This is to avoid a skin show of hands that are in most cases chubby, spoiling all efforts made by the designer to highlight the dress and not the figure of the bride.

No decorations on bust please
The Singapore designer has to avoid any brocade or embellishments on the bust as this would unnecessarily maker the guests look at the bust of the bride which the designer is trying to hide. Keep the decorations for the skirt.

Following these tips, it is possible to make beautiful wedding dress if the bride to be is full bodied.

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