Beautiful, stylish hair has become a fashion statement. It’s not surprising that hair coloring and other treatments are so popular even when there are risks. Damaged hair can reduce confidence, especially for women.

Here is what you need to know to keep your crowning glory healthy and shiny.


Habits that Damage Your Hair


  1. Using the blow dryer too often can damage the cuticles that protect your hair. The same is true for ironing.


  1. Using hot water when washing can cause damage much like using blow dryers.


  1. Excessive use of chemicals like gels and hair sprays as well as hair coloring, relaxing, rebonding, and keratin treatments all cause damage.


  1. Thinning hair can be caused by changes in our body or lifestyle like dieting, menopause, medication, and stress.


What Damaged Hair is Like


  1. We lose an average of 100 strands per day. Excessive hair loss can be caused by bad habits or it can be genetic or a symptom of a disease. Hair loss occurs when strands fall out whenever you brush. Bald spots, usually on the top of the head, could appear or a receding hairline.


  1. Brittle hair that breaks is a sign that it’s damaged. Whenever you comb your hair, a lot of strands come off or break. Split ends mean that the hair cuticle is damaged. The outer layer peels back as a result.


  1. Dull and dry hair means it lacks moisture and oil. Both of these are supposed to help keep you hair looking shiny and healthy. Greasy hair is likewise unhealthy. It will also make your hair look dull and may even cause dandruff.


  1. The natural color fades and the strands look and feel rough. Damaged hair also tangles easily and is difficult to manage when wet.


Treatment of Damaged Hair


  1. Proper diet and hair management can help treat damaged hair. Food rich in Omega-3 moisturizes hair.


  1. Use mild shampoo and conditioner. You can use natural remedies and hair masks such as aloe vera, avocado, coconut, egg and olive oil.


  1. Use the blow dryer sparingly. Even better, let your hair dry naturally.


  1. If you have long hair, it may be time for you to get a trim. Split ends cannot be glued together no matter what the products claim.


  1. Avoid hair coloring, relaxing and other procedures for now, and let your hair down once in a while.


Avoiding Damaged Hair


  1. Avoid using shampoo with sulfates and don’t change your product too often. Check the labels of all your hair products.


  1. Keep all your tools like comb or brush, blow dryer, curling and flat iron clean.


  1. Don’t brush your hair while it’s still wet. If you need to blow dry, set it to the coolest temperature.


  1. Avoid tight hairstyles that are too tight.


  1. Swimming pools also damage hair because they contain chlorinated water. Avoid spending too much time soaking in the pool.


  1. It’s better to have one regular stylist to go to. Remind them of hair treatments done recently.


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