A menstrual cramp is part of womanhood. Menstrual cramps are also called dysmenorrhoea. This happens when the uterus is contracting. If you ask women out there, many will claim they have menstrual cramp episodes every month. The only difference is the intensity of the cramps. Women may experience severe, moderate and mild pains. It usually occurs in the abdomen and lower back.

We cannot prevent menstrual cramps but we can alleviate pain once it strikes. Here’s a guide:


Take painkillers

For women with severe pains, painkillers can help a lot. There are a lot of over-the-counter painkillers we can purchase. We can ask our doctor what is best for us and listen to their recommendations. But basically women often take NSAIDs (Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) like Midol, Aspirin, Ibuprofen and other medications prescribed by doctors. Birth control pills can also ease the pain because it contains hormones that effectively help in the thinning of uterine walls thereby causing lesser contractions.

If we can get through the pain without painkillers, it is better. If it can’t be helped, we should skip it once in a while.

Use hot water bottle

Generally, heat can effectively lessen any muscle pains. Menstrual cramps are no exception. We should look for water bottle and fill it with hot water. If there is no water bottle, we can consider heating pads. A hot wash cloth can also be considered.

Get a massage

Massage can help in the circulation of blood. We can start by lightly massaging our abdomen and lower back. It is good if there is someone that can do the massaging for us. If we have money, we can get a professional massage with the help of masseuse.



Go to the doctor

Sometimes a cramp is a symptom of a reproductive problem. Just to be sure, we should go to the doctor. 

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