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Accessorized Self-Defense Tools for Women

Self-defense, especially for women is an important consideration to her survival against attacks and emergencies on a daily basis. Lucky are those who are trained to defend themselves using their skills as martial artists or fighters, but those who are on the average, tools can be of big help. Of course, you are allowed to carry specific tools depending on your country. For some countries like SG and TH, pepper spray and knives are not allowed and that a license to carry may be required. While the types of tools are completely of a personal choice, they give you better chances of seeking help and finding a way to escape by making them a part of your fashion!

1. OC Spray

OC (oleoresin capsicum) spray or known as Pepper spray is a common self-protection tool used by women. A spray of this defense tool contains a potent mixture of chemicals that can harm anyone. Best are the ones with tear gas component as it can heighten the effects. Gas initially irritates the sensitive membrane of eyes, mouth and nose, in turn, tearing of the eyes, difficulty in breathing and coughing can occur. Those types with UV dye mix are also great because it leaves a stain or mark to the perpetrator’s skin thus, it can make them an identifiable assailant.

Keep your pepper spray in your pocket or in an accessible area inside your bag where you can easily grab it when threat is detected. Presence of mind is a big help in saving your own life, you do not want to end up panicking and spraying the tool right before you. When you are ready to fire, see to it that the threat is in range and that you can hit him in the facial region, aim to blow his eyes with 1-2 bursts of spray. Bling accessory design of this kind is out in the market.

2. Alarm Wrist or Whistle

These alarm tools are purposely made to be hands free. A defense alarm can be designed as a wrist watch where you can defuse a threatening situation by pressing a push button that demands a sounding attention of at least 130 decibels. This is so much louder than relying on your voice for help. Good news is, attackers can’t just simply grab it and turn it off because it has normally a hidden disarm button at the back to silence it.

On the other hand, alarm whistles are commonly designed as necklaces that can be hidden under your shirt or can be concealed as a Titanium fashion accessory. Anytime you are in a dangerous situation, it’s just one whistle away!

3. Knuckle Lights

This tool is recommended for women who are active on the streets before the sun is up and when it’s down. It is designed to light your run or walk, in short, it creates a trail illumination. Added feature is the brass knuckles that are powerfully painful for someone thrown a punch. It also contains a lumen of brightness which can blind the attacker temporarily. Just remember to keep this device fully charged when before using.

4. Metal Claw

If you got long sharp nails, it might help you hurt your attacker but not as great as having a heavy duty plastic with sharp protruding edge weapon on your finger. This is where the natural self-defense act of scratching comes in that inspired Metal Claw. You can wear this in any of your fingers without the need to be retrieved from your stuff. Use your hands to fight an attack and scratch yourself a fighting chance. Metal claws are sold in various colors to choose from making it look like a finger accessory at a glance.

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How to Pick the Right Shoes

Finding the right shoes not only enhances your overall look but you’re also investing in quality items that can last for years.

Consider not just the brand, color and design. Here are other things you should look for..

1. Know your shoe size. There are a lot of shoe size charts that companies use. Knowing your size in the standard charts will help you cut time trying them on. For adult females, 83/16 to 33/8 inches is size 4 and 4.5 in US and size 35 in Euro. For men 91/4 to 91/2 inches is size 6 and 6.5 in US and size 39 in Euro.

2. Measure your feet. If you don’t know what your size is, ask the salesperson to measure your feet for you. Shops should have a measuring tool ready. Your feet will also grow over time, even as an adult. Ill-fitting shoes can cause bunions, claw toes, hammer toes, mallet toes, corns and calluses.

3. Sometimes it isn’t enough. Buying shoes online can be a waste of time and money. It’s better to try the pair on before you purchase. Shoe sizes are not similar among all brands of shoes. Other brands also have half sizes available.

4. Know the materials. Examine the interior and exterior of the shoes. If you have foot problems, pick pairs that have arch support and heel cushioning and avoid flat slip-on shoes. If you have sweaty feet, don’t pick vinyl or plastic.

5. When trying on shoes. Try shoes during the afternoon because your feet has expanded by then. Put on your socks too to see if the shoes still fit properly with it. Try walking around with the shoes and look in the mirror.

6. Width and length. Some shoes look great on the shelves, but when you try them on, they look bulky or narrow. The soles will also feel smaller or bigger. If your toes feel like they’re compressed, don’t buy it. You should still be able to wiggle them.

7. Comfort over style. Make sure that there’s enough room for your feet when buying closed shoes. It doesn’t have to be loose or half a size bigger, but there should at least be half an inch between the front of the shoe and your toes. Your toes should not splay or spill over the front of the shoes when you’re buying open-toed shoes.

8. You should use it. If it’s within your budget, the next thing you should consider is how often you’re planning to use it. If it’s for casual wear and you’re particular with matching colors, you should know if you can pair it up with your clothes.

9. Shoes with a function. Some shoes have special functions like athletic shoes. Some feature shock absorption, support, deodorizer and extra cushioning.

10. Replacing shoes. Worn-out shoes are bad for your feet not only because they’re unfashionable but they won’t provide your feet with the same protection. Even athletic shoes that are worn out should be replaced.


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4 Reasons Why You Need to Say “No!”


When we say “No!” to other people’s requests, we need to identify and understand our own reasons of declining. Although we may have our own whys and wherefores, here are four common reasons that explain why we need or want to say “No!”

  1. You need to set your priorities

Sometimes you just really need to prioritize your interests and value your decision-making. You don’t need other people to dictate on what you should highlight and give attention to in your life. Think of the other more important things that you could do if you say “No!” to other people’s request that’s just petty and sometimes irrelevant. Again, conduct a thorough assessment for you to be able to know which ones deserve your “Yes!”.

  1. You must establish boundaries

When it comes to declining a request, you need to establish your boundaries and set things straight. You have to be clear that you have limitations. This is important since they will know what you will and will not do for them. You must also establish your relationship with them for you to be able to know how much restrictions you will set towards them. You might find it comforting to let your walls up sometimes in order to protect yourself and your energy will not be drained in granting requests.

  1. For better time management

In turning down requests, you will be entailed into allocating your time and efforts. Saying “No!” can help you manage your time more and evaluate which activities and events are more meaningful and useful to you. If you’ve accepted too much projects or demands from others, you might also get to hone your time management skills but of course you wouldn’t want to be in that situation all the time, right? Learn to say “No!” so that you will be able to give more time for the things that you want rather than fulfilling others’ needs all the time. Proper time management can contribute to a better life management which helps you set your goals and time frame.

  1. Less stress and pressure

It’s always simpler and easier to say “No!” all the time since  you don’t need to deliver “the best”  efforts to all the tasks that you’ve agreed to complete. You’ll not get tired, burned out or overwhelmed by such requests from other peeps. Thus, this will protect you from stress and pressure. You don’t really need to strain yourself for others. It’s okay to be selfish sometimes and think of yourself. You deserve to relax and take a break from all the demands of your work or other people.

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Beauty Tips for Tired-Looking Women


Women all want to look fresh and beautiful but sometimes we experience stress and we do not get enough sleep so we end up looking like a flesh eating zombie. Here are some useful beauty tips from Singapore beauty experts that you could try to have a well-rested skin and glowing beauty amidst the stress and problems you are facing every day.

  1. Give your eyes the proper attention. Our eyes are the windows of our soul. To add, they will not hide the fact that you haven’t had enough rest. In order to reduce the puffiness in your eyes, you can press two cold/frozen spoons against your lids and eyebags. This will be best if done in the morning after taking a bath.


  1. Moisturize and protect your skin. If you want that I-slept-for-eight-hours look, then you should certainly need to moisturize your skin. Use a moisturizer that your skin likes and stick with it. In order to protect your skin from the harsh sunlight and avoid sunburn, use a reliable sun screen.


  1. Use a face mask. To wake up and soothe your tired skin, you can use face masks that are infused with cucumber extracts or other natural refreshing products.


  1. Illuminate your face with the right make-up. You need to find the right foundation that is not matte and has a soft dewy finish in order to lighten and even out your skin tone. You must also add a punch of color to your cheeks by using warm hues instead of the usual pink. These are the products you should use in order to avoid looking pale.

  1. Use the right lipstick. When we are tired and not in the mood to play around with our face, we tend to use bold lip colors. The problem with that is we look more haggard while wearing it since it will draw attention to our tired eyes. You can use peach and nude lipsticks, something light yet a great match for your complexion.


  1. Appreciating the value of face mist. You can never go wrong in using a face mist. It does not only serve as a make-up setting spray but it also helps in making your face look flawless.


  1. Hydrate yourself. The need to hydrate ourselves should really be given emphasis. To refresh our skin from the inside, we need to drink plenty of water and avoid drinks that are rich in caffeine and sugar since they can contribute in skin inflammation.


  1. Improve your sleeping habit. When you are tired, it really shows in your skin. If you have deadlines at work or if you party all night then most probably you won’t get enough sleep. In order to avoid being tired looking, you should at least get 6-8 hours of sleep a day. From time to time, you should make sure to ditch your party plans and work on your deadlines ahead in order to get a good night sleep.

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Dating Simulation Games for the Ladies


Tired of having to deal with guys who just break your heart? We’ve got you covered with these 11 dating sims.


The playable character has lost her memories. Her only clue was the creature called Orion who acts as her guide throughout the game so that he himself can return to his own world. Each male character makes up a parallel story.


Code: Realize

Cardia Beckford is isolated from society because her body has a poison which causes everything to disintegrate. She had promised to her father previously not to mingle with people and to fall in love. When the Royal Guards came to get her, she saw a chance of finding answers about her condition.



The player takes the role of Yukimura Chizuru who goes in search of his father in Kyoto after he stopped sending her letters. Chizuru was taken into custody after witnessing the Shinsengumi kill mysterious men in a bloodlust.


Harukanaru Toki no Naka de

Akane Motomiya and her two friends are transported to the Heian Period through a well. It was declared that Akane is the girl destined to save Kyou from the Oni Clan with the aid of eight men.


Hatoful Boyfriend

The game is set in a society after a virus breakout. The humans have previously contracted a disease which nearly wiped everyone out. A counter-virus made it possible for birds to be as intelligent as humans. The female character will choose from eight possible bird partners.

Hiiro no Kakera

On her way to visit her grandmother, Tamaki Kasuga chases a round object and is attacked by three creatures. She was rescued by Takuma Onizaki and brought back to her grandmother who tells her of an important role to play for the village.



Sorata Suzuhara finds himself in the Heisei era, just after Emperor Akihito ascended the throne. He later joins other adventurers on the ship Norn. The player can also choose from the three following other playable characters: Koharu, Mikoto Kuga and Nanami Shiranui.


Princess Debut

The playable female character finds a double from the Flower Kingdom. This double tells her to go in her place to attend a ball because she does not know how to dance. She was given thirty days to practice and to find a prince.


Sweet Fuse: At Your Side

During the opening of what is supposed to be the biggest amusement park in Japan, a threat was issued that someone should participate in a seven-day event if they don’t want the park to blow up. Saki Inafune ended up volunteering for the task.


Ururun Quest

Ruri wants to learn about the history of the city of Soi. Her friends Tsukishiro and Shuka accompany her and they also meet new friends along the way. In the course of her journey, they ended up fighting against the demons.



Sayori switched places with the princess Hatsuhime of the Mochizuki clan after she saw the latter’s death in a dream. She decides to change the fate of the princess.

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Video Games That are Difficult to Classify


Some titles cannot be classified under one genre. This is nothing new because most of the games released in recent years use features from different genres. There are those however that still stand out because of their unique gameplay. Here are 15 video games that are difficult to classify.


The Master comes out after a hundred years to confront Tanzra and his lieutenants. He must guide the new civilization by increasing the population and allowing advancements.



The player-controlled character receives instructions from a woman who leads him to an artifact which can open the Vault. He has to acquire all the pieces before the time is up.


Brutal Legend

Eddie Riggs commands a troop and defends his stage at the same time from Doviculus and General Lionwhyte. The setting is inspired by heavy metal music.


Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

This genre-redefining sequel to Rondo of Blood features Alucard whose objective is to find and defeat Dracula. The player uses items and weapons to improve Alucard.


Heavy Rain

Told from four point-of-views, Heavy Rain is the search for the Origami Killer. The latest victim might be Shaun, Ethan’s remaining child. Character decisions affect the course of the story and how it ends.


Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure

Henry Hatsworth is on a quest to find the Golden Suit so he can control the Puzzle Realm. Defeated enemies become blocks that must be cleared before they revive.


Heroes of Annihilated Empires

Elhant must save the elven land. The game can be played as a role-playing game or a real-time strategy if the player decides to sell or use a certain spell.



Yamanouchi Kagetora wants to revive the Odama to avenge his father. The Odama is used like a pinball by the player to fight the enemies.



The player acts as Patapon Tribe’s Almighty who directs the beating of the drums to control the army. The objective is to input drumbeat sequences correctly.


Chell has to solve puzzles in different rooms using the portal gun while she is monitored by an AI called GLaDOS.


Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords

This role-playing game unique for its combat using spells or a turn-based puzzle which requires three similar tiles to line up before they are removed. The player also builds and destroys citadels.



The player takes control of a hacker who has to destroy viruses in Eden, an artificial intelligence which controls Project-K.



The player controls a wizard who can cast spells and direct armies. The title is taken from the game conditions which require a player to sacrifice a friendly unit to taint an enemy’s altar.



In this game, the player has to guide a species from its microscopic beginnings to its development as an advanced society. The game has a total of five stages.


The Guardian Legend

In this sequel to Guardic, The Guardian has to find the ten safety devices in the planet-like Naju before it comes too close to Earth.

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Differences Between Alzheimer’s Disease and Typical Age-Related Changes


As you grow old, you should know that it is normal that your memory changes. However there are extreme cases wherein your memory loss totally disrupts your everyday life and that is not the typical part of aging. Memory loss and decline of reasoning skills are symptoms of dementia and the most common form is Alzheimer’s disease.

You have to know the difference between Alzheimer’s disease and the typical age-related changes so you can identify it once you or your loved ones suffer from it. Here are the differences:

In terms of judgement: For people with Alzheimer’s, they have poor judgement and decision making that gradually worsen as time goes by. For people with typical age-related changes, it is more of making bad decisions every once in a while.

In terms of budgeting: For people with Alzheimer’s disease, budgeting seems to be difficult as time progresses to the point that they are unable to manage it. For people with typical age-related changes, you might miss a monthly payment maybe once or twice but not successively.

Losing track of time: You lose track of time, season or date at some point in time but that is perfectly normal. What’s not normal is losing track of it to the point that you have no idea what is the season or date at the moment and keeps on forgetting it later on. For people with age-related changes, they just forget which day it is and then remembering it later on.

In terms of conversing: For people with Alzheimer’s disease, they seem withdrawn. This is because they are having difficulty making decision. When this happens, it is important that the family never ignore the person. As for people with age-related changes, they just forget the right or fitting word to use.

Losing things: It is quite normal to lose things once in a while but for people with Alzheimer’s disease, misplacing things and not able to find or retrace it occur all the time. For people with age-related changes, they tend to lose things from time to time but then find it after sometime.

With these, you should be able to identify the difference between Alzheimer’s and age-related changes. Alzheimer’s is often the case of Singaporeans these days between ages of 50 to 65 or older. There are others cases where some patients suffer early onset. If you know someone who is enduring this, you have to extend your patience and spend more time caring for them. Do not ignore them.

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