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Safe Cycling

The government is encouraging Singaporeans and other residents to live a healthier and sustainable life by cycling. But how can people cycle when they are worried about their safety and security along the road?  Thankfully the government is thinking of expanding cycling paths and connectivity throughout the country.


To promote safe cycling, cyclists gathered together on December 1, 2013. There were about three hundred cyclists who joined the event who pedalled from Jurong East towards Labrador Park and vice versa. The event reminds the cyclists of the following things:

Cycling Equipment

The first thing that you need to put in mind is riding a bicycle that perfectly suits you. After that, you should be certain that your bicycle is in good condition. When riding it at night, you should make sure that you have a front light (white) and rear light (red).


Cycling Attire

You have to wear the right cycling attire to avoid or prevent serious injuries when you encounter accidents. Helmet is very important because it can protect your head if you fall. You also need appropriate shoes. More importantly, you need to wear a coloured clothing to improve your visibility.


Cycling Behaviour

If you practice right cycling behaviours, you have greater chances of coming home unscratched. You should always remember to obey traffic rules. If you want to turn left/right or stop, make sure that you give enough hand signals. Do not forget about your bells when you approach the pedestrian.

The cyclist should always be aware of his/her environment. When you are cycling, always remember that you are susceptible to accidents and the best way to avoid it is to espouse safe cycling.

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What Makes Living in Singapore Great

Have you ever wanted to live in another country, somewhere new, exciting, and one that will offer you a desirable lifestyle? Living in Singapore, for several reasons, is a relatively good decision. Let’s go through them one by one.


Impeccable Governance

First, one of the biggest reasons that make Singapore such an ideal place to reside in is that it happens to be consistently among the least corrupt countries in the world. Political analysis aside, simply seeing how Singapore is such an organized and wealthy country makes one truly agree that Singapore’s government system is indeed working.

Competitive Industry

Second, if you’re a young professional, then Singapore is definitely the place for you. Being part of the leading financial centers of the world makes it such an ideal place for professionals to work in. Earning bigger salary is highly probable here and who wouldn’t want that?

Modern and Diverse

Perhaps one of the least appreciated aspects of living in Singapore is its openness to diversity. We are a country comprised of Chinese, Malay, Indian and a variety of other races – all coexisting in peace and harmony. More than that, we have come to build an advanced country and society that uses modern infrastructure and the latest technology to better the lives of each individual regardless of their origin and orientation.

There are actually more reasons that make Singapore a suitable place to live in. But for the rest of the reasons, you should try to find out about them yourself. It’s worth the experience anyway.

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PM Lee Urges Singaporeans to Be Active in Cultural Heritage

The richness of cultural heritage around the world stems in Asia. Such cultural heritage is known to as the most diverse, and yet vibrant form of cultural exchange across the region. Keeping people’s active in restoration and preservation of its public domain lies on the shoulder of government.


In a joint-project of the Singapore Heritage Fest (SHF) and The National Heritage Boards (NHB) is on its 10th anniversary celebration. The festivity is held at the National Museum of Singapore, Sunday, July 21, 2013. The entire heritage community and advocates has witnessed – the Racial Harmony Day which was recently launched by SHF. Racial Harmony Day highlights people active participation, which was created by people.

The festival was attended by Lawrence Wong, Acting Minister (Culture, Community and Youth) and Singapore Acting Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, along with individuals, and heritage advocates. Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong grants $5-M to encourage Singaporeans for active participation to preserve or contrive cultural heritage initiatives.


A million dollar grant is given in commemoration of the 10th anniversary celebration of the Singapore Heritage Fests which was held at the National Museum of Singapore, Sunday, July 21, 2013. Publications, exhibitions, documentaries or mobile apps are possible means to capture human’s interest, thoughts and ideas in sharing the essence of heritage culture. This project though can apply for funds limited to the amount of $1,000 to $30,000.

Cultural heritage activities intend to grab full privileges over in telling the epic of Singapore’s real story from the backdrop of cultural heritage per se. Entire Singaporean community, the academe, learners, and advocates through Singapore Heritage Fest committees are in one way or the other to manage the homegrown spectrum of heritage to form a collective culture, social-bond and uniformed identity, now and forever.

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Effects of Haze

Haze has become a major problem of Singapore and its neighbouring countries. Many people are hopeful that this phenomenon will get better because many things are affected. For the purposes of this discussion, you should understand haze and how it came about. Haze happens when dust, smoke and other particles gather in dry air. Haze can cause visibility problems. Other problems or effects of haze include:



Haze brings dusts, smoke and particles thereby impairing the nose, eyes, skin, airways and throat. The Ministry of Health said that the effects of haze vary depending on the seriousness of PSI. Persons with asthma, allergies, chronic lung disease and chronic sinusitis will suffer more. Children, elderly and pregnant women will also suffer.

Disruption of day to day activities

Locals with planned or scheduled days are inconvenienced because of haze. Just to be sure, always refer to PSI so you will not compromise your health. Don’t forget your N95 mask when you go outside.

Disturbance of government initiatives or actions

The initiatives or actions of NEA (National Environment Agency) and other agencies will be disturbed due to haze conditions. For example, if haze continues to worsen, outdoor dengue inspections and assessments will be reduced. Waste collections and public cleaning will be done every other day since going outside is not advisable.

Business and tourism

Significant decrease in tourist or customer numbers are noticed when there’s haze condition. If the condition continues, significant losses will be recorded.

The effects of haze are very serious. Governments should take steps in reducing if not eliminating this phenomenon. This is not only the problem of Singapore and the whole of Asia but it is also the problem of the whole world. Let’s join hands and make things better.

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Benefits of SC in SG

SCs (Senior Citizens) here in Singapore are given much importance. Getting old and weak here in Singapore doesn’t mean they can be isolated and abandoned. If you belong to the group, you are entitled to many benefits and privileges. Don’t just sit there and wait for the mercy of other people because you can still enjoy the things you used to do. Here are some benefits or privileges you can enjoy:


Food and Entertainment

Food establishments are required to give SCs discount. If you are 55 years old, you can watch movies for S$4.


If you reach 60, you are entitled a SC concession pass. This pass will give you access to MRT and buses for only S$0.88 but it is subject to certain limits. You need to apply for this.

Monthly annuity

If you reach 62, you are entitled a monthly annuity or allowance. Your allowance will depend on your CPF scheme.

Now that you know how the government or the society takes care of you, the next thing that you should do is take care of yourself. As a Senior Citizen, you are persuaded to:

Know your rights and other care services

It is important that you have an idea of your rights and other care services because it can be very helpful when time comes. You don’t need to memorize it, just be familiar with your rights and other care services that way others will feel you are serious about it.

Exercise regularly

Exercising regularly is recommended not only for younger people but also to older ones. It can make you strong and healthy. If you have a healthy lifestyle, you will live long. You will not suffer much.

The society treasures the elderly. The least thing that you can do is enjoy your privileges and your family.

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What You Need to Know About Menstrual Cramps

A menstrual cramp is part of womanhood. Menstrual cramps are also called dysmenorrhoea. This happens when the uterus is contracting. If you ask women out there, many will claim they have menstrual cramp episodes every month. The only difference is the intensity of the cramps. Women may experience severe, moderate and mild pains. It usually occurs in the abdomen and lower back.

We cannot prevent menstrual cramps but we can alleviate pain once it strikes. Here’s a guide:


Take painkillers

For women with severe pains, painkillers can help a lot. There are a lot of over-the-counter painkillers we can purchase. We can ask our doctor what is best for us and listen to their recommendations. But basically women often take NSAIDs (Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) like Midol, Aspirin, Ibuprofen and other medications prescribed by doctors. Birth control pills can also ease the pain because it contains hormones that effectively help in the thinning of uterine walls thereby causing lesser contractions.

If we can get through the pain without painkillers, it is better. If it can’t be helped, we should skip it once in a while.

Use hot water bottle

Generally, heat can effectively lessen any muscle pains. Menstrual cramps are no exception. We should look for water bottle and fill it with hot water. If there is no water bottle, we can consider heating pads. A hot wash cloth can also be considered.

Get a massage

Massage can help in the circulation of blood. We can start by lightly massaging our abdomen and lower back. It is good if there is someone that can do the massaging for us. If we have money, we can get a professional massage with the help of masseuse.



Go to the doctor

Sometimes a cramp is a symptom of a reproductive problem. Just to be sure, we should go to the doctor. 

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Summer Activities for Our Kids

Kids love summer break because this is the perfect time that they can finally enjoy life without thinking of assignments and exams. Parents on the other hand are left with a dilemma. What are the best and safest summer activities for the kids? This is not a problem because our kids can engage to a lot of activities. The important thing is we have to support our kids and if we have spare time, we can join them.

These activities are safe and it can greatly affect our kid’s overall growth and development:


Outdoor activities

If we can get a vacation from work, we can bring our kids to different places-domestic or international. This is simply to show our kids that the world is a big place and there are many beautiful things to see. They will surely appreciate it. Trips or travelling is expensive but it is not like every month we go to different places.

Aside from travelling, there are many outdoor activities that our kids can do. We can suggest camping, biking, swimming and trekking. Since they are just kids, let us discourage extreme outdoor activities like mountain or rock climbing, sky diving, driving, sailing and many others.

If our kids want a simple outdoor activity, we can suggest picnics and backyard party.

Indoor activities

If our kids prefer going to summer workshops, we should enrol them at once. There are a lot of courses offered for them- music, dance, cooking, pottery, painting, etc. It will surely enhance their creativity and imagination. This is utilizing their time well plus increasing their potential.

If they simply want to hang inside the house, there are many activities that we can promote to avoid boredom. We can watch movies together, cook for them, play with them, read with them, etc.

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For The Wedding – Your Body Shape and Wedding Gown

Looking for wedding gown can be very challenging. You have to consider your body shape in order to get the perfect one that best flatters your features. Before you start looking for the perfect wedding gown in Singapore, know first the type of body shape you have. Here’s how:


Step 1: Wear tight-fitting clothes, like stretchy pants or gym clothes. This will help get your right body measurements. Take measurements of your bust, waist and hips.

Step 2: Read the measurements.

  1. If chest and hips are larger than waist, you have an hourglass figure. Women with hourglass figures gain and lose weight easily, and should wear clothes that emphasize their well-defined waists.
  2. If hips are larger than chest and waist, you have pear shape figure. Pear shape figures have fuller bottoms, which creates an unbalanced appearance. For the perfect wedding in Singapore work those thighs out and wear clothes that balance your top and lower half by wearing flared pants or layering shirts
  3. If waist and hip are larger than chest, you have an apple shape figure. Apple shapes have rounded waist and hips. When working out, focus on abdominal crunches to slim them down. Wear clothes that camouflage or hide your rounded tummy, like empire cut tops and dresses.
  4. If bust, waist and hip measurements are basically the same, you have rectangular figure. Rectangular body types in Singapore have straight up-down appearance. Women with this body type are usually slim and need toning and firming, along with cardio exercises. Incorporate wide or cinching belts in your outfit to make yourself look curvier.


An hourglass figure has perfectly balanced top and bottom halves and with very defined waist. This type of body shape can certainly wear any style. However, it would be best to pick a gown that accentuates the tiny waist, as this will boast your best asset.


Pear Shape

Pear shape body figures have larger hips with narrow but well-proportioned bust and shoulders. Pick a wedding gown that downplays the rounded hips. Opt for V-neck gown to accentuate upper torso or halters to give an illusion of broader shoulders and smaller hips. If showing off some skin makes you uncomfortable, go for puffed sleeves for broader shoulders or A-line skirt to camouflage large hips.

Apple Shape

Apple shape women have larger waist and hip area. The best type of gown for you is the one that creates elongated silhouette, high waistline, and skirt that flows away from the body. An empire style gown with thick waistband clinched at the smallest area of the waist will make your body appear slimmer and longer. Furthermore, lace detailing and deep V-neck can detract attention from round tummy, and will create a flattering, vertical illusion instead of horizontal silhouette.


Women in in Singapore with rectangular body shape are usually slim. A dress that breaks the long lines of rectangular figure is the best style of wedding gown. Wrap coloured belts or floral sashes for more defined waist and to break the lines of the body.

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